An SAS sniper charged with the illegal possession of a pistol and more than 300 rounds of live ammunition denied ownership of the haul at a court martial on Friday.

Sergeant Danny Nightingale, 38, said he couldn't recall receiving a Glock 9mm pistol from an Iraqi while being posted in the country in 2007.

He also denied storing 338 rounds of ammunition under his bed.

Nightingale told the court martial in Bulford, Wiltshire that he was suffering from memory loss as a result of a brain injury he suffered in 2009.

He was questioned about a statement he gave to the police in 2011 in which he admitted owning the handgun and hoarding ammunition from training sessions at his base in Britain.

Officers recovered the pistol and live rounds following a search of the house the sergeant shared with another SAS man, known only as Soldier N.

"I have no recollection of receiving the gun," Nightingale said.

"However, hindsight of seeing statements etc, I now know that Soldier N had told me that he had been given a pistol and that he had ammunition there."

"But in the same breath I appreciate I do have a memory issue and so I could put it down that somehow, that even though I have no tangible memory of it, I had received something," he added.

Nightingale, of Crewe, Cheshire, has pleaded not guilty to possessing the Glock 9mm pistol between November 2007 and September 2011.

He also denies possession in September 2011 of 122 9mm live rounds, 40 7.62mm live rounds, 50 9mm frangible rounds, 50 .338 armour piercing live rounds, two .308 live rounds and 74 5.56mm live rounds.

The hearing continues.