Burger King Not Really Making Hands-Free Whopper Holder

Burger King

 (Burger King)

Described as everything from the pinnacle of laziness to a multi-taskers dream, Burger King has some bad news for those looking to buy their buzzed about hands-free hamburger holder.

After releasing a video, in both Spanish and English, featuring a new device that allows you to enjoy a Burger King whopper without lifting a finger, the company says the device will not be manufactured.

Beginning with an introduction in Spanish the video asks, “In a world of multitasking, how can you use your hands to do your daily activities and eat a Whopper at the same time?”

Created by a Puerto Rican ad agency, the video shows a dog-walker, policeman, dancer, landscaper and others enjoying a whopper hands-free.

Looking like a thick plastic necklace shape din a similar manner to a harmonic holder, the videos also feature a guitar player singing the benefits of the device.

According to a statement Burger King gave to CNBC, the video was meant “to celebrate the brand and the iconic Whopper Sandwich in a humorous way. However, the product depicted in the spot was not produced, or distributed to guests as some reports indicate.”

The chain said the ad was created to celebrate Burger King’s’ 50th anniversary in Puerto Rico, which opened its first restraints there in 1963.

“As part of Burger King’s 50th anniversary in Puerto Rico we wanted to hand out a special gift to the Whopper’s most loyal fans; members of BK’s loyalty program with the highest 50 scores,” the video states.

“Using the loyalty program’s CRM database, the lucky winners were notified via e-mail or phone. They received the very handy: Hands free Whopper.”

On the promotional campaign’s website, another video shows the holder being made through use of a 3D printer.

When asked by CNBC about whether the prototype was actually made on a 3D printer or if the schematics would be released to the public, Burger King declined to comment.

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