Brothers Of Suspected Cleveland 'Monster' Ariel Castro Hope He 'Rots In Jail'

The brothers of the man accused of holding three women captive for years have no sympathy for the "monster."


Cleveland brothers Onil and Pedro Castro want Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight to know how sorry they are for their ordeal.

"I'm just grateful they are home and out of that horrible house, and I'd just tell them I'm sorry for what Ariel done," said Pedro Castro, 50.

The two brothers of the Cleveland man accused of holding the three women captive for about a decade say they have no sympathy for Ariel Castro, “brother or no brother.”

In an exclusive interview with CNN, one called their brother a "monster" who he hopes "rots in jail."

In the interview, Onil Castro, 50, said he wanted Ariel to "suffer in that jail to the last extent."

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Neither Onil nor Pedro Castro held back their scorn for their brother, Ariel.

"I don't care if they even feed him," Pedro Castro said. "The monster's a goner."

Onil Castro added, “I want to wake up out of this nightmare.”

Pedro Castro said he was shocked to learn DeJesus was a victim, because they'd known her father for a long time, and Ariel even went to a vigil for her when she went missing.

"You go around like it was nothing? You even went to the vigil. You had posters. You give his momma a hug and you got his daughter captive?" Pedro recalled saying to Ariel.

Pedro Castro said he had been in the house but never noticed anything amiss. He said part of house was blocked off by curtains, and a radio or TV was always on.

The brothers said they are worried that people will continue to associate them with their brother's alleged crimes, even though police say they didn't know anything about it. They have received death threats since being released from custody.

"This has torn my heart apart," Onil Castro said. "This has killed me. I'm a walking corpse right now."

"I hope the world listens to us," Pedro Castro chimed in. "You already got your monster, please give us our freedom."

The brothers were initially taken into custody but released after investigators said there was no evidence against them. Brother Ariel Castro has been charged with rape and kidnapping and is being held on $8 million bond.

Based on reporting by The Associated Press.

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