Alleged Ohio Kidnapper's Daughter Told T.V. Show She Was The Last One To See Victim

America's Most Wanted

 (America's Most Wanted)

The daughter of suspected kidnapper Ariel Castro told America’s Most Wanted in a 2005 interview that she was the last person to see one of the victims before she disappeared nearly a decade ago.

Arlene Castro told the show, which tries to help crack unsolved cases by drawing attention to them, that she was walking home from middle school with Gina DeJesus, then 14, the day she went missing. The segment aired a year after the disappearance.

DeJesus and two others were rescued on Monday after one of the victims, Amanda Berry, escaped from a Cleveland home and called 9-1-1.

In the show, Arlene Castro, described as Gina’s best friend and classmate, said she wanted to call her mother and ask her if she could spend the afternoon at her friend’s house, but didn’t have any money to use a pay phone. Gina lent her 50 cents.

“My mom said I couldn’t go over her house. I told [Gina DeJesus] I couldn’t and she said ‘OK. I’ll talk to you later,” Castro told the show. “And she just walked.”

The show said because DeJesus had given her friend 50 cents, she didn’t have enough money for a bus fare. So she walked home. Police traced her steps for two blocks, but in a busy intersection the trail went cold.

In his Facebook profile last month, Ariel Castro congratulated his daughter Arlene for giving birth.

“Congrats to my Rosie Arlene. Wishing you a fast recovery,” he said on his timeline. “She gave birth to a wonderful baby boy. That makes me Gramps for the fifth time, (2boys 1girl 2boys). Luv you guys!”

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