Tour de farce? Library listing Lance Armstrong books as ‘fiction’ prompts review

A sign informing people at an Australian library that books on cyclist Lance Armstrong will be moved to the fiction section – in the wake of his doping confession – has sparked an internal review.

The sign, which was placed on a bookshelf in Manly library in Sydney over the weekend, was a hoax, a Manly council spokesman told The Guardian.

"Libraries can't arbitrarily reclassify categories of books, because that depends on the ISBN number that is issued by the National Library," he said.

The sign read "All non-fiction Lance Armstrong books, including "Lance Armstrong -- Images of a Champion"; "The Lance Armstrong Performance Program"; and "Lance Armstrong: World's Greatest Champion" will soon be moved to the fiction section," The Guardian reports.

Armstrong admitted last week that he used performance-enhancing drugs throughout his cycling career, which included seven Tour de France wins. He was later stripped of his titles, as well as his Olympic medal.

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