Teen Gives Red Wine to Her Baby in a Brazilian Historic Park



A 17-year-old mother in Brazil was caught on camera giving her 9-moth-old baby red wine, according with a report from the 

The teenager was sitting in a historical public site where two public cameras are situated, when police noticed that she opened the baby’s bottle, placed red wine inside and then gave it back to the baby, said the G1 report. 

The girl and her boyfriend, both minors, were sent to the police station and interrogated.

“She said that she mixed water and wine and gave it to her child to calm her down,” said Odigar Nunes Cardoso, the director of the Municipal Guard of Curitiba, the town, on the G1 report. 

According to the police said the mother and her boyfriend, who is not the father of the child, apparently were in violation of section 243 of the Estatudo da Crianca e do Adolecente (Statute of Child and Youth Legislation) that deems it a crime to give a child any type of product that could potentially lead to physical or chemical dependency.

The baby is doing fine and is in a public foster care program until further decisions about custody and the mother are made.

The mother of the child and her boyfriend were freed Thursday after signing a document saying that they are aware of their crime. Police authorities informed the teens’ parents. A trial is expected to take place sometime in February.

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