NYPD rescues Iranian diplomat from angry mob

A hapless Iranian diplomat found himself surrounded by a mob of his angry countrymen who were protesting Tehran's rogue regime outside the United Nations and had to ask New York cops to save him, has learned.

The diplomat, identified as Deputy Foreign Minister Ramin Nodehi Karast Mehman, was on foot when he was surrounded by anti-Iranian protesters Wednesday afternoon, NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne told

β€œHe got separated from his motorcade," Browne said. "Presumably, he might have been somewhat frightened by the encounter.”

The desperate deputy despot flagged down a police officer who helped him get to safety, according to Browne.

β€œI believe he approached the NYPD officer and asked for helped getting out of there and getting back with his party,” Browne said.

A law enforcement source told the confrontation occurred just after the Libyan Mohamed Magarief arrived at his county's consulate on East 48th Street. The source said the Iranian official was with two aides, and that the confrontation with a mob of as many as 100 people had turned physical by the time police intervened.

Police put the terrified trio in a squad car, which the mob then converged on, the source said. Police cleared the protesters away and the three Iranian officials were taken to their hotel.  No serious injuries were reported and no one was arrested, officials said.