Man Offers to Have Sex in Court - To Save His Marriage


 (AP )

In a desperate attempt to save both his pride and his marriage, a man in Rosario, Argentina petitioned a tribunal of judges to allow him to have sex in front of the court to prove he is not impotent.

The plea by the 40-year-old man came in response to divorce proceedings by his wife on the grounds that he is - well - unable to perform.   The couple had been in a relationship for ten years, and had been married since April of 2005, according to court documents.

Her proof? She is still a virgin.

The unidentified woman showed up to court with medical evidence in hand to back up her claims. According to the report out of Clarín in Argentina, the woman presented the judges with the results of a medical examination that stated that her "hymen is intact." 

This was enough to win her the case. The judges ruled to annul the marriage.

The ex-husband's petition to demonstrate his case in court, was denied. 

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