Coors Light "Emboricuate" Smackdown , the Latino Gay Marriage Divide and the Unwinnable Drug War: It's the Week In Latino News

The Week in Latino News starts off with 'Emboricuate': An ad by Coors Light that led to a social media firestorm. MillerCoors decided to pull the ad in anticipation of the Puerto Rican Day Parade.

coors light emboricuate

The Latino gay marriage divide, told through a pol and his granddaughter. New York State Senator Rúben Díaz, who is staunchly opposed, and Erica Díaz, who is gay.

latino gay marriage

Global leaders made a dire declaration: The war on drugs is unwinnable.

mexico drug war

The sponsor of an English-only bill is rescinding the proposed legislation. Not because he doesn't believe in it -- but because of the threat of legal action.

 english only bill

Police brandishing protective shields and batons encircle a Mexico market. But they're not seizing cocaine -- they're confiscating American black market clothing.

 mexico black market

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