Jury Selection Has Begun in Undocumented Georgia Student's Trial

A trial is expected to begin soon for a Georgia college student who has pled not guilty to misdemeanor charges of impeding the flow of traffic and driving without a license.

But it is Jessica Colotl’s illegal immigration status that thrust her into the national spotlight following the fateful traffic stop earlier this year.

After Cobb County authorities learned that the 22-year-old student at Kennesaw State University was in the country illegally, they turned her over to federal immigration officials. 

Her case has become a flashpoint in the national debate on immigration. 

She was 11 when her parents crossed the border with her from Mexico. 

Colotl, who pleaded not guilty Thursday to the traffic violations charges, was allowed by immigration officials to stay in the country for a year so she can complete her studies.

Colotl's attorney said he hopes last-minute negotiations will allow the student to pay a fine and avoid a trial.

Based on reporting by the Associated Press.

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