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Seventy-Degree Warmth to Eradicate Fall's Chill in Northeast, Great Lakes

Warmth more typical of late September and early October will return to the Eastern United States during the third week of November 2015.

According to AccuWeather Chief Long Range Meteorologist Paul Pastelok, "Following the warmth from the first part of November, there is the potential for more record highs to be broken in the eastern half of the nation next week."

Temperatures during the first 10 days of November averaged 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit above normal in much of the Central and Eastern states. During Nov. 5-7 alone, there were nearly 600 record highs tied or broken east of the Rockies.

Northeast: Warmup to Follow Cold Winds Across Region

An atmospheric traffic jam will set up across the nation, which will bring the typical west-to-east motion of weather systems to a halt. A large area of high pressure is forecast to develop and strengthen along the Atlantic Seaboard and will pump warm air northward.

How warm the weather gets will depend on the amount of sunshine versus fog, low clouds and rain in some cases.

Where the sun is out for several hours, temperatures could reach 70 or higher in portions of the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, mid-Atlantic and New England on one or more days. Temperatures could reach 80 over parts of the South and approach 90 in parts of central and South Florida.

"Record highs could be challenged in parts of the Eastern states from Monday to Wednesday," Pastelok said. "Another round of record warmth is possible along the Interstate-95 corridor during next Friday and Saturday."

The warmth from earlier in November featured a dry flow of air from the Southwest much of the time.

During much of the third week of November, the flow of air will be from the South and Southeast on occasion, which tends to add moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

Along with the potential for warm days will be mild nights. Conditions during both daytime and nighttime will result in temperatures that are likely to average 10 to 20 degrees above normal in the Northeast and 5 to 10 degrees above normal in the Southeast.

Even where and when temperatures fall short of record high levels, AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures can be 5 to 10 degrees higher than the actual temperature.

There is the potential for this month to rank among the warmest Novembers on record in parts in the Eastern U.S. This can occur even though temperatures may take a substantial dip prior to Thanksgiving.

While many areas in the East will be warm with some sunshine, portions of the Central states may experience an extended bout of rainy and stormy conditions.

"A slow-moving fire hose of rain and thunderstorms could take aim at portions of Texas and the lower Mississippi and Tennessee valleys," Pastelok said, when referring to the third week of November.

"The pattern could bring significant flooding to some areas that were hit hard earlier in the autumn," Pastelok warned.