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Wet, Windy Palm Sunday for Much of Europe

An unsettled Palm Sunday it is expected to unfold across northern Europe with rainy and windy conditions.

An area of low pressure will strengthen as it crosses the North Sea on Sunday, spreading areas of rain from Ireland, United Kingdom and France into Scandinavia and Germany.

A gusty wind will accompany the rain from southern Britain into areas from France to western Germany.

Residents heading out for Palm Sunday services across much of the United Kingdom should bring their umbrellas as areas of rain are expected to cross the region. However, by evening, rain should should be moving away from the area leading to the return of dry weather for days-end.

This rain will spread into Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany through the day. Amsterdam and Brussels will be two such areas soaked by rain much of the day.

While it may not be raining during the morning in Zurich, Switzerland, anyone in the area should still bring their raincoat as wet weather will move in throughout the day.

Rain will not be the only weather hazard in the region to contend with, rather, a strong wind will blow from southern Britain into France and the Low Countries.

Wind gusts will surpass 65 kph (40 mph) across Wales and southern England into northern France. Along the northern coast of France into Belgium and The Netherlands wind gusts could exceed 80 kph (50 mph). By the afternoon a gusty wind will pick up across Germany as well.

While this will not bring damage to most areas, there will be travel delays on the land and through the air. Wind blowing the rain will make staying dry difficult for those venturing outdoors.

Not all of Europe will be unsettled. High pressure in southern Europe will bring dry conditions from Spain to Italy. Palm Sunday Mass in the Vatican City should see no weather-related impacts as sunshine mixes with clouds.