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Freeze, Frost Risk Ohio, West Virginia and Vicinity

Another plunge of chilly air will set the stage for the risk of a frost and freeze centered over Ohio and West Virginia and neighboring areas over the Memorial Day weekend.

A storm developing near New England will tap unseasonably cold air and could even bring a touch of snow to the highest elevations of the Adirondack, Green and White mountains this weekend.

West of the storm, where the sky becomes clear and winds drop off at night, temperatures can dip to frosty or freezing levels in parts of the Midwest, Great Lakes and central Appalachians.

Temperature forecasts are made for eye-level. However, temperatures near the ground on clear, calm nights can be 5 to 10 degrees lower for several hours, especially around and just prior to sunrise.

Parts of Michigan can experience a couple of hours of near-freezing temperatures Friday night.

The area around Ohio and West Virginia is at greatest risk Saturday night.

The frost/freeze risk shifts a bit farther to the east and north Sunday night over portions of Pennsylvania, central Maryland, northern Virginia and upstate New York.

People who have not yet planted the vegetable and flower gardens for the summer season may want to hold off until early next week before doing so. Bring in hanging baskets and cover tender flower and vegetable plants.