After Texas school shooting, Virginia Tech professor calls NRA ‘terrorist organization’

A Medieval Studies professor called the National Rifle Association a “terrorist organization” hours after the Santa Fe, Texas school shooting that killed 10 people Friday.

“The NRA is a terrorist organization,” tweeted Matthew Gabriele, a tenured professor at Virginia Tech University.

Tracy Vosburgh, a Virginia Tech spokesperson, told Fox News the anti-NRA tweet doesn’t represent the university.

Tweet NRA Gabriele

Medieval Studies professor, Matthew Gabriele, called the NRA a "terrorist organization" following the Texas school shooting Friday.  (Twitter screenshot/@prof_gabriele)

“Mr. Gabriele’s views are his and his alone,” Vosburgh said. “Any comment on his statement should come from him.”

Gabriele declined to comment when reached, but he described himself in a tweetstorm as “a white dude with tenure who doesn’t give a s***” armed with “a supportive employer.”

Gabriele is not the first on the left to blame a shooting on the NRA, despite any connection.


Using the exact same quote, Claude Taylor, a former Clinton staffer, funded billboards across Florida stating, “The NRA is a terrorist organization” following the Parkland high school massacre that killed 17 people.

Gabriele also has tweeted other controversial messages including: “The modern GOP is nothing but white supremacy” and writing people support President Trump because “his racism spoke to them.”


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