Human tooth found in bag of Planters cashews, woman says

An Ohio woman who was eating Planters nuts last month claims that when she was finishing her snack she bit into a human tooth instead of a cashew.

Nickolette Botsford, of Ravenna, wrote in a now-removed Facebook on Saturday that as she was eating the nuts while in the car with her mother, she “noticed something very hard in my mouth so naturally I pulled it out and asked my mom what the heck it was ....... yes a human tooth was in my package and I had in my mouth for at least 30-40 seconds !!”

Kraft Heinz Co. confirmed to Fox News the item Botsford found in the nuts was determined to be a "foreign object."  (Facebook/Nickolette Botsford)

Botsford said that after pulling the car over, she vomited “several times” before realizing the tooth had “dried blood” on it. She said that’s when she made a visit to the emergency room, where she said it was confirmed the item was a human tooth.

The woman said she reached out to Planters, a division of Kraft Foods Group, Inc., and played phone tag for a few days before subsequently awaiting a response for three weeks.


She said someone was sent out to visit her to pick up the tooth, but added that while she keeps trying to contact the company, “no one seems to want to talk to me.”

“This was very traumatic to me considering my phobia of teeth,” Botsford said, adding she will no longer eat nuts as “they make me sick to my stomach.”

Botsford said once she discovered the weird object in her food, she threw up and went to the emergency room — where she said it was confirmed it was a human tooth.  (Facebook/Nickolette Botsford)

Botsford said online that she wants to hire a lawyer to help her get back the money she used to visit the ER, where she was treated for “exposure to blood or bodily fluids,” WOIO reported.

Kraft Heinz Co. confirmed to Fox News via email that the item was determined to be a “foreign object not expected to be in our product” and the situation is being investigated. The company stated it hasn’t received any related complaints.

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