Pack of feral hogs wreaking havoc in Georgia community

A Georgia community says it’s on edge as a pack of feral hogs continues to wreak havoc in the area, creating a nuisance for homeowners and a danger to their pets.

The unruly swines, which have been tearing up yards in Dekalb County’s Valley Brook Estates neighborhood, were recently captured on video scattering like cockroaches as a car drove down a road at night.

"I'm afraid coming home at night when it’s dark," one resident, Robin Corker, told FOX5 Atlanta.

The person who submitted the video to the station, Jin Masanotti, said the mother and her growing babies are a “dangerous situation” for residents.

"She's at least 150 pounds...the babies are at least 80 pounds now. It's only a matter of time before they're full grown now," she told FOX5 Atlanta.

One yard in the neighborhood has been completely destroyed by the hogs.

"It looks like someone took a bobcat [tractor] to their yard," Masanotti said.

Residents said DeKalb County Animal Control officers told them to go to a professional trapper service to take care of the hogs.

County officials told the station their animal control division doesn’t have the permits, resources or equipment to trap wild animals, but are consulting with the state to figure out what to do.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources says the hogs – which grow tusks – tend to avoid confrontations with people, but mothers with their young can charge if they feel threatened.

The department said fences and electrical wiring are the best bet to scare off the pigs.