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Louisiana woman, 98, breaks state record for oldest skydiver

A woman broke a record in Louisiana to become the oldest person to skydive in the state at the age of 98. 

Sara Simmonds, 98, decided in March to go skydiving with her friends, KALB reported. She decided to document the experience with the news station's help. 

"Life just keeps getting better and better and better," Simmonds told KALB on Thursday. 


She rounded up eight of her friends to join her in the sky. As for her other friends, she asked them to support her daring stunt by donating to the National Guard's Youth Challenge program, an organization that helps at-risk youth.

"That's what living is all about, isn't it? Love and helping other people," said Simmonds, joking that some of her friends responded that they would pay her not to go skydiving. 

After she went skydiving, she presented the organization with a $4,000 check. 

"She's just an inspiration!" said longtime friend Carolyn Pate, who witnessed the record-breaking moment by also skydiving that day.