Military medals stolen from Calif. veteran are found; 3 arrested

Police arrest 3 in connection to looting at California man's home


Police returned a California veteran’s military medals Sunday after they were stolen out of his home during the Oroville Dam spillway emergency evacuations.

Police had been keeping track and receiving reports of a blue pickup truck that had been parked at the Yuba City St. Isidore Catholic Church’s parking lot. The medals had allegedly been seen being placed inside of a planter in the back of the truck.


The truck’s owner was unaware that the stolen medals had been placed in his vehicle. When he discovered them he delivered them to the Yuba City Police Department.

Two women and a man have been arrested in connection to the case. Their identities and involvement in the burglary have not been reported at this time.

Mike Pomeroy and his wife had evacuated their Yuba City home before the thieves broke in and stole the medals of valor, which included a Purple Heart. Pomeroy had been keeping the medals in a briefcase in an upstairs bedroom.

Following his service as a medic during the Vietnam War, Pomeroy was awarded the medals for risking his life during a rescue operation.

"Yuba City Police Chief Robert Landon personally reunited the family with their heirlooms," the city announced on Facebook.

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