Man arrested after shooting and killing pizzeria owner in New York

A man was arrested Thursday in connection with an ambush style attack that killed the owner of a famed New York City pizza restaurant.

Andres Fernandez appeared in federal court and is facing charges for murder, robbery and weapons. Fernandez did not enter a plea.

Court documents say investigators believe surveillance video, cellphone data and witness accounts tie Fernandez to the killing.

L&B Spumoni Gardens pizzeria owner Louis Barbati was gunned down in his backyard back in June after coming from work carrying a large amount of cash.

Police said that the shooter waited for Barbati, firing five rounds and then left on foot empty-handed in what appeared to be a botched robbery.

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"The loss of Louis Barbati leaves a void that will never be filled, however the fact that someone is being brought to justice aides in the healing process," an attorney for the Barbati family said in a statement.

The pizzeria was a family owned business that goes back generations. The restaurant had been featured om several TV food shows.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.