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Police smash windows of hot car to rescue child, find wig instead

Police in Suffolk, Virginia, have a little egg on their face, Newsnet5 reports, after they broke into a woman's car on a hot day intending to save a trapped child, and instead found nothing but a wig.

Jasmine Turner, the owner of the car, says she was surprised when police called her concerned about the welfare of a child locked inside her car on Thursday.

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Turner told local news station WAVY: "I don’t have a baby so I’m like, ‘Where’d the child come from? Who put the child in my car?'"

Police broke the window anyway, but discovered what had appeared to be a child to the concerned bystander who called 911 was actually no more than a wig and some blankets.

Perhaps due to embarrassment, or perhaps due to more pressing business elsewhere, the responding officers reportedly left the scene before Turner returned to her car.

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