More terror attacks to report.

The capital of Indonesia Jakarta was attacked by at least five terrorists.. Explosions and gunfire killed at least two people.. a Canadian and an Indonesian.. along with five  terrorists. 20 wounded in the attack on a shopping mall and a shootout with police.  It’s the first major terror attack in Indonesia since 2009, and there had been threats by ISIS. In fact, ISIS claimed responsibility.

Five killed and 39 injured when a car bomb exploded near a police station in Cinar. It’s thought to be the work of Kurdish rebels.

Turkey says the terrorist who killed 10 Germans in Istanbul with a suicide bomb came into Turkey as a refugee.

Russia is burning books now. More than 50 books burned, and 500 pulled from college libraries over sentiments “alien to Russian ideology.”

We’re looking ahead to tonight’s big GOP debate hosted by FBN. Carly Fiorina has a town hall this afternoon in Charleston. John Roberts and Carl Cameron reporting on the debate preps, and Roberts has an in-depth interview with Marco Rubio.

We’ll talk with Chris Wallace about tonight’s debate and about new polls showing Hillary Clinton’s lead over Bernie Sanders is slipping away. A new poll by the Bloomberg/Des Moines Register shows Hillary and Sanders in a virtual tie with Hillary ahead by just two points.

Police say an American woman was killed in Italy by a recent illegal immigrant.. a Senegalese man. Steve Harrigan reporting.  

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are hosting a retreat for GOP Congress members today. They’ll announce unity against President Obama’s agenda for his last year in office. President Obama heads for Louisiana which is becoming the 31st state to expand Medicaid under Obamacare.

Oscar nominations announced today at 8:30am. Julie Banderas reporting.

Three Powerball winners for the record $1.5billion jackpot in California, Florida and Tennessee.

U.S. stocks are now officially in correction territory.. with steep falls yesterday. The Dow has fallen 1300 points so far in 2016. Global markets continued to fall today (except for a rebound in China).

JP Morgan reports earnings today.

We also get reads on weekly jobless claims.