Arrest made in New York City Diamond District robbery

David Lee Miller reports from New York City


New York City police say that a man has been arrested in connection with last week's daylight robbery in midtown Manhattan's Diamond District and have asked the public to help them look for a second suspect. 

Rondu Frisby, 37, was arrested Monday in connection with the Veterans Day robbery of the Watch Standard Jewelry store. Charges are still pending. Police have also identified the second suspect as Leon Fenner, 58. 

The New York Post reported that Frisby was picked up at his Harlem apartment, and police were seeking a search warrant for the residence. Frisby was described by the paper as a friend of store owner Danny Mikhaylov who occasionally did odd jobs around the shop. 

However, Mikhaylov denied that Frisby was ever employed by the shop, describing him as "a person that comes by once a while, like a friend. He started out as a customer who’d buy gifts for his girlfriend ... he comes and goes, everybody knows him."

The Post reported that police also seized marijuana and cocaine that someone tossed from the window of Frisby's apartment as officers arrived. 

The gunmen, who posed as deliverymen to gain access to the store, made off with $500,000 worth of luxury watches and $6,000 in cash from the store. 

Last week, the Post reported that police were investigating the possibility that the heist was the result of a scare operation by a rival gem dealer whom Mikhaylov had persuaded to take responsibility for a car accident. Mikhaylov had seven prior convictions for driving without a license. When he refused to pay $20,000 to compensate his peer, who lost his own license as a result of the accident, the two robbers were sent to Watch Standard to intimidate him. 

However, once inside, police say, the men couldn't resist scooping the loot, and heading for the exit. 

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