1 of LA's most prolific killers faces additional death sentences in killings dating to 1980s

A former pizza delivery man on death row as one of the most prolific killers in Los Angeles history faces additional death sentences.

Chester D. Turner is set to be sentenced Friday for his role in what were known as the "Southside Slayer" killings. The deaths during the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s were once thought to be the work of one man.

The 47-year-old Turner is one of three men now blamed for the murders of women who typically were raped and strangled. Many were prostitutes.

Turner is already on death row for 10 murders. He was convicted in June of four additional slayings between 1987 and 1997. Jurors decided he should get the death penalty, but it's up to a judge to impose it.