Massachusetts town considers ordinance that would ban loud conversation

If a Massachusetts town board passes a proposed noise ordinance, those opposed better voice their concerns quietly.

The Hingham Board of Selectmen is considering a noise ordinance that would fine residents who are caught having loud conversations, or 55 decibels, reported. 

To put the required decibel level into perspective, residents would face a fine of $100 to $300 if they exceed the level compared to a conversation in a restaurant or air conditioner at 100 feet, according to

"It's really a question of giving police some tools to deal with a quality of life issue," Bruce Rabuffo, the board’s chairman, told the CBS affiliate in Boston.

The proposal, which has been placed on hold because the board needs more information, came after the town, which sits along the state’s coast south of Boston, received 300 noise complaints last year, the CBS report said. Proponents of the measure say the citation saves some legal wrangling and court appearances.

Currently, police first issue a warning and if they need to return, charge offenders with disturbing the peace, the report said.