Maryland Entrepreneur Provides Comfort to Troops with Combat Cream

Sara Damelio never planned to be a hero. She simply wanted to cook up an all natural product in her kitchen to help her problem skin. For the holidays, she gifted her friends and family with the cream and they flooded her with demands for more.

That's when Sarah spun into action, and after creating 1000 test batches, started selling them in 2000. 

Five years later when a military wife purchased a jar, everything changed. 

"When a military wife bought a jar of combat relief balm and sent it to her husband in Iraq, two weeks later he wrote to me and said this is the best balm we ever used. We're having a huge problem with sand flea bites please send more," said Damelio.

She was so honored and excited to help.

She proudly keeps a picture of her fans- soldiers fresh out of a sandstorm in Iraq.

Since its popularity, Damelio has sold over 6500 packages and has had to move out of her kitchen to make room.

The cream spans a variety of customers - from those suffering from severely dry skin fighting overseas to local Maryland nail salons. 

You can send a care package of cream soap or lip balm to a loved one or even a stranger who is deployed complete with a personal note from Sarah and free shipping.

If its in high demand from our troops oversees, it is probably a product worth looking into.

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