Olivia Munn slams United, says she'll never fly with airline again

In light of a number of unfortunate situations involving United Airlines, actress Olivia Munn says she’ll never fly with the company again.  

The “X-Men” star told TMZ that after the airline’s latest fiasco, involving the death of a passenger’s dog, she is done with the airline. “I’ll never fly United. If they can’t take care of all their passengers and the animals, I don’t think anyone should fly them,” she said.

United has been making headlines recently for several incidents involving animal transportation. As for the incident Munn is alluding to, the airline apologized earlier this week for a flight attendant forcing a passenger to put her French bulldog in the overhead bin, where he later died.


The airline also had a mix-up with a family’s German shepherd, who was sent to Japan instead of Kansas, by mistake. Meanwhile, the dog who should’ve been in Japan ended up in Kansas.

Munn has been vocal about her issues with United in the past. Last year, she told Bravo about an unpleasant experience on one of the airline’s flights from Toronto to Costa Rica. She said the plane was freezing cold and people were shivering from the low temperature, so she asked for a warm beverage.

"I asked them if I could have just a cup of hot water to hold, and [a flight attendant] gave me the most scalding hot water without a lid or anything on it," she said.


"There was turbulence, and it flew out of my hands," she said. "Third-degree burns on my arm — and my friend sitting next to me had burns all over her. I literally sat there sobbing. It was the most painful experience."

Michelle Gant is a writer and editor for Fox News Lifestyle.