The best vacation places for spotting celebrities

When celebrities need a break from filming Oscar-nominated movies or recording platinum albums, where do they go? 

Condé Nast Traveler's Jeffrey Slonim spoke to stars like Bryan Cranston, Andy Cohen, and Kate Bosworth on red carpets around the country this year to find out where they had their greatest vacations ever—and where they're eager to go again.

  • 1. Kate Bosworth: The Maldives

    Kate Bosworth: The Maldives


    “It’s very far,” Kate Bosworth (also at the Coach event) said of her pick, the Maldives. “But it’s one of my favorite places on earth. I think that because it is so far—once you get there, you feel as if you’ve been dropped on another planet. And there is a calm that ensues. The attachment to everything chaotic is gone."

  • 2. Bryan Cranston: Italy

    Bryan Cranston: Italy


    Prior to the Tony Awards, on the red carpet with his wife Robin on his arm, Bryan Cranston spoke of Italy. “We love to go back to Italy,” he said. “We were there on our honeymoon 26 years ago, and we spent, like, five weeks in Europe at that time. We also went to a beautiful wedding in Lake Como four or five years ago.”

  • 3. Johnny Weir: Russia

    Johnny Weir: Russia


    Former Olympic skater Johnny Weir has traveled the world for competitions. At the Fragrance Foundation Awards, though, he called out one city in particular. “There still is a kind of grittiness to Moscow,” he said. "It is a very luxurious, wonderful city. Every time I walk into the Red Square, my heart stops. When you are as traveled as I am, you have to take note of that. I love the Russian soul. I speak the language. For me, Moscow is inspirational."

  • 4. Dylan Penn: Italy

    Dylan Penn: Italy


    Dylan Penn, Sean Penn and Robin Wright's daughter, was at a party for Coach at New York's High Line when we chatted. “I’m in love with France and Italy, so anywhere there," she said. "I'm obsessed with Capri. I’ve gone there a couple of times. I love Italians in general, and it’s the food, and they have the most beautiful scenery. To be able to swim in the Mediterranean every’s amazing!”

  • 5. Rita Wilson: Greece

    Rita Wilson: Greece


    At the Tonys, Rita Wilson named her favorite spot. "Well, I love Greece,” she suggested. "I love anywhere in nature, really, but I can’t tell you exactly where, because people might go there."

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