Tourists in Venice charged $130 for 4 cups of coffee

Tourists listening to a band at St. Mark's Square in Venice.

Tourists listening to a band at St. Mark's Square in Venice.  (IStock)

We all know that just about the whole city of Venice in the summertime is a tourist trap.

Yet, a group of tourists from Rome are steamed after getting a $130 bill for four coffees laced with liqueurs at an outdoor cafe, reports the U.K.'s Daily Telegraph.

Caffe Lavena, located in the city's historic St. Mark's Square opposite the façade of St Mark’s Basilica, is a popular hang out where visitors can relax, have a drink and take in the sights.

That's exactly what this group was doing when they reportedly ordered four tiny espresso coffees with a shot of 'amaro' --an Italian liqueur.   

What the Roman tourists - who posted their receipt on Facebook - apparently did not notice when looking at the menu was the "music surcharge" of about $8 per person.

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The owners of the cafe, which opened in 1750 and boasts of famous clientele such as German composer Richard Wagner, were unapologetic.

“The prices are there for everyone to see, there really is no doubt. It is for customers to decide whether they want to have a coffee standing up at the bar, or to sit down in the piazza,” Massimo Milanese, the manager, told the Telegraph.

This follows an incident where tourists in Rome were charged $82 for ice cream.  

Tell us the biggest tourist rip off you've experienced.