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'Unbalance Hotel' to look like a lopsided picture frame

  • unbalancehotel1.jpg

    The "Unbalance Hotel" is designed to frame the views of the ocean in front and the mountains behind. (OOIIO Architecture)

  • unbalancehotel2.jpg

    The building will have 125 hotel rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, meeting rooms and exhibition spaces. (OOIIO Architecture)

  • unbalancehotel3.jpg

    A Latin American promoter is the client who commissioned the design. (OOIIO Architecture)

  • unbalancehotel4.jpg

    Inside one of the proposed 125 guest rooms. (OOIIO Architecture)

Ever feel a little off kilter when traveling?  Well, soon you may be able to stay in a hotel that’s shaped like a lopsided picture frame.

Set to be built in Peru's capital, Lima, it has a rectangular shape with one corner partially submerged, so that it appears to perch precariously on the cliff edge, with a hollow center framing stunning views of the Pacific Ocean on one side, and the Andes on the other.

The building was created by Madrid-based architecture firm OOIIO that's calling the structure the “Unbalance Hotel.” According to the firm’s website the hotel’s design is meant to give optimal views of its surroundings.  “A hotel 'constructed in a traditional way would be a visual barrier… that could block the ocean view.”

The 125-room property will also have restaurants, conference rooms, meeting rooms and exhibition spaces.

The design has been commissioned by a private South American client identified only as 'a promoter' who commission the building to be “innovative and worldwide recognizable.”  As of yet the designs have not gotten approval from city planners.  

This design follows in a string of unusually shaped hotels that are in the works, including a five-star 'groundscaping' hotel built into a former mine and a glowing doughnut-shaped hotel, both in China.