Ever since Ben Stiller discovered what happens to exhibits after the sun goes down in the blockbuster movie “Night at the Museum,” sleepover experiences have taken off at attractions across the country. These overnight adventures invite big kids, ‘tweens and sometimes young teens (and a parent) for an overnight stay that delivers fewer crowds and the chance to explore with some exclusive, VIP activities thrown in.

As you might expect, overnight events at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City and the National Museum of Natural History in D.C.–the backdrops for “Night at the Museum” and its sequel—are hot tickets that can sell out months in advance. Programs at other museums can often have shorter waiting lists.

What can you expect? In general, museum overnights are aimed at the 6-to-12 crowd, but be sure to check the age range at each institution. Count on paying between $100 and $140 per person and bringing a sleeping bag, flashlight, and sense of adventure.

Still game? Here are six more can’t-miss museum sleepovers around the country.