Three reasons to visit the Bahamas



The Bahamas has more than 700 islands and is an archipelago that boasts hospitable people, gorgeous weather, fascinating traditions, beautiful nature and a way of life all its own. It isn’t difficult to come up with things to do in the Bahamas. Rather, it’s difficult to fit in everything.You don’t want to miss Andros Island, Port Lucaya Marketplace, traditional Bahamian music or Paradise Island’s Aquaventure Water Park. This island paradise is 50 miles off the coast of Florida. Given the Bahamas’ proximity, wealth of culturally enriching activities and possibilities for limitless relaxation, you should consider making the Bahamas the next stop on your travel itinerary.

Diving and snorkeling

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas has been proactive in preserving its marine ecosystems and thus has created one of the most incredible environments for diving and snorkeling on the planet. You can explore the world’s third largest barrier reef off the shores of Andros, which has the greatest amount of sites for diving in the Bahamas. You will find the clearest water in the world. The porous limestone islands absorb almost all of the rainfall. To travel to the deepest depths possible, head over to Dean’s Blue Hole where you will find the Bahamas’ deepest recorded blue hole. Make sure you don’t forget to explore shipwrecks while submerged. The Santa Maria Teresa and Tears of Allah are two colossal historical wrecks that still manage to enchant divers. The Exumas feature some of the world’s greatest surroundings for diving—a great place to start your deep sea exploration.


Any trip to the Bahamas simply would not be complete without visiting the nation’s capital. Visitors can golf, sail, windsurf, water ski and parasail. Nassau’s attractions are also first-rate. If you appreciate art and culture, consider visiting the artists of Festival Place, which can be found on Prince George Wharf. It is a bustling marketplace that resembles a traditional Bahaman village. The Government House is a must for all visitors, or if you’re interested in piracy on the high seas, plan a trip to the Pirates of Nassau Museum. The museum’s educational exhibits and mesmerizing folktales and legends will fuel the imagination of everyone in your family. Nassau is teeming with activities for everyone.

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Bahaman cuisine

To truly experience a country, you need to experience that country’s cuisine. Luckily, the chefs of the Bahamas excel in this category. Fresh seafood has never been better than it is here. The lobster, grouper, yellow tail and red snapper are highly recommended. But without question, every traveler should try conch, a mouthwatering delicacy that never fails to impress. Delicious eateries are ubiquitous, from classy to casual and everything in between. If you are seeking a five-star establishment, visit Graycliff Restaurant. This award-winning restaurant is located inside an 18th century mansion. The architecture’s extravagance is rivaled only by the excellence of the cooking.