Experience Hotel Luxury and Get a Good Night’s Sleep



Hotel rooms now come with so many bells and whistles, you may never want to go home. During your business travels, you want to make the most out of your limited time to yourself, and the good news is that you can have almost any comfort imaginable. If you are a frequent traveler and want to make sure you’re getting the very best, here is the low-down on high-class hotel amenities:

Stay connected
Even the world’s oldest bed and breakfast probably has Internet connection today, so expect luxury hotels to go the extra mile to keep you plugged in. It’s easy to stay up to date with your business and the world at large. One popular gadget is the Majestic Mirror, which is essentially a television in your bathroom mirror. You will never have to worry about missing out because you can watch the news when you’re in the shower. You can also make sure you never miss a call because some hotels provide phones with multiple lines and customizable voicemail.

Sleep in extreme comfort
Many hotels guarantee a good night’s sleep. Hotels have upgraded their linens with customized prints, soft cotton and down pillows. Meanwhile, waking up has never been easier. You can have a standard wake-up call or a built-in iPod play music in lieu of an alarm. No need to worry about harsh morning light jarring you awake. Some hotels have cascading windows that filter natural light softly into your room.

Eat like royalty
Room service can turn your hotel digs into a five-star dining experience. Beautifully refined meals are made to order by some of the world’s leading chefs. Instant coffee packets may still be a staple in many hotels, but a few leaders in luxury now offer personal espresso makers. If you are shocked at the thought of having to make your own coffee in the morning, find a hotel that offers a full continental breakfast.

Keep squeaky clean
If you are looking for relaxation, a number of hotel rooms come with over-sized soaking tubs. For a more exciting shower experience, look for a room with a floor-to-ceiling rain shower. Additionally, toiletries are no longer mysterious liquids in anonymous plastic bottles. Hotels now provide luxurious and exclusive bath products to get you smelling like you just left the salon.

Conduct business
If you really love to take your work home with you, some of the top hotel rooms now have designated meeting spaces because it would be terribly awkward to ask your business associates to sit and discuss matters on your bed. The business-minded hotel room has a seating area, allowing you to have an impromptu conference. If you want to keep your hotel room dedicated exclusively to relaxation, you can turn this into a spot for drinks and conversation with friends. However you decide to use these amenities, you will be sure to find yourself refusing to pack up and check out.