Gutfeld on the worst state in the union

It's a case where being No. 1 means, really, you're No. 2. A new study ranks California dead last of all the states in quality of life, making it tops at being on the bottom.

States were ranked on everything from education to opportunity, from infrastructure to crime. But California scored low for one simple reason: It's impossible to live there unless you are super rich or homeless -- then come one, come all.

Just any U-Haul dealer. Renting a truck to go San Francisco to Dallas will cost 3,200 bucks. The return trip only 1,100 -- that's a 180 percent surcharge. And it's based on a truck shortage in California, because so many people are leaving one left-wing city to a more pragmatic, affordable one. So maybe Californians leaving California, they're the real dreamers.

But anyone who's been to L.A. knows the ugly truth: It's turned into a post-apocalyptic wasteland with 55,000 homeless in that county alone. Massive encampments have enveloped Skid Row under overpasses and streets nearby. S.F. isn't much better, spending millions last year on cleaning up human waste left on its streets by the homeless.

It's odd: We're living in a time where Hollywood embraces dystopian fiction, they spend millions trying to recreate the look of life after nuclear war. I could save them some money: Just grab an iPhone and drive downtown.