How bad was the casting couch in Hollywood?

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: All right. Thanks, Tucker. And welcome to "Hannity" and this is a Fox News alert. We have a big announcement about breaking news coming up later in the show.

But first, the uproar over Harvey Weinstein, it continues to evolve every hour of every day as more and more Hollywood elites are being exposed as hypocrites responsible for covering up the deeds of a predator. Now tonight, we are going to reveal just how close Weinstein was to the Clintons and how Democrats, Hollywood and those in the press in this country all helped enable this predator.

Now, you're going to hear from two women about just how bad the "casting couch" is in the entertainment industry tonight. And also, the NFL's national anthem controversy is not going away. Hillary Clinton tonight siding with the cop haters and now the man who started it all, Colin Kaepernick has filed a grievance against the NFL claiming that the league colluded to keep him from playing. Really? Are his charges true? We investigate tonight. All of that in our big breaking news opening monologue.

All right. The fallout continues for Harvey Weinstein. So, after multiple accusations of sexual assault and harassment, Harvey Weinstein is now under criminal investigation both in the U.S. and the United Kingdom. Now Weinstein could face serious charges that could put this mogul behind bars. We are told it could be up to 25 years.

Now, Harvey Weinstein's own brother Bob Weinstein is now calling his sibling sick and depraved and telling the Hollywood reporter, quote, well, "I want him to get the justice he deserves." That's his brother.

And on Saturday morning, the Motion Picture Academy, they voted to boot the once revered director from its membership. Now sadly, this is the same Motion Picture Academy that still recognizes and worships a convicted pedophile Roman Polanski and people like Bill Cosby among its ranks. Are they going to clean it up altogether?

Which brings us to the next point. The accusations surrounding Harvey Weinstein's behavior should come as no surprise. After Hollywood's "casting couch" culture of sexual abuse, it's been an open secret in Tinsel own, in the media, for all too long by those seeking roles in the big screen.

For example, actress Tracy Melchior, she is going to join us in a few minutes, talked about the commonality of this culture in Hollywood with Larry King. She was warning us about this back in 2005. Take a look.


TRACY MELCHIOR, ACTRESS: There was just a lot of -- in case you hadn't heard, there is a lot of wealthy men in Hollywood who like attractive girls to be around and sometimes they will offer to pay for things for you.


HANNITY: Now Tracy will tell her story -- and it's tragic -- later in the program, and what she experienced. And she's part of an ever-growing number of actresses and women calling out this despicable, disgusting toxic culture. Actress Rose McGowan, who is accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault, she tweeted Hollywood was, quote, "a rape machine," and that she was blacklisted because she dared to tell the truth.

Now, this culture also extends to the music industry. Kaya Jones, remember her? She's been on the show. Former member of the Pussycat Dolls. She's speaking out tweeting, quote, "My truth. I wasn't in a girl group, I was in a prostitution ring. Oh, and we happen to sing and be famous while everyone who owned us, they made money." Kaya will also join us later in the program.

Now sadly, not everyone is condemning the "casting couch" culture in Hollywood. And in fact, of all people, Woody Allen -- you might remember, he is the actor who married his longtime girlfriend's daughter, the great moral barometer he is -- he told the BBC, quote, "Tragic for poor women that were involved, sad for Harvey that his life is so messed up." Woody Allen had to later clarify those remarks after being called out and then he condemned Weinstein. But what does he really believe?

And then you have the mainstream media, NBC, others, who have helped cover up Weinstein's misdeeds for years. Let us not forget about Democrats, more than happy to take hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars in political donations from this movie mogul for decades. And this by the way includes the DNC, which is now taking heat for not donating last cycle's Weinstein's contributions to charity but rather three political groups. They really want that money. No word if the DNC will return or donate all the estimated $300,000 that received from the powerful producer over the years.

And Hillary Clinton, she is up to her eyeballs in this. She's received tens of thousands of dollars from Weinstein, and last week she announced plans to donate that money to charity. What we learned over the weekend, the spokesman for the Clinton Foundation indicated the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Weinstein donated to the Clinton Foundation will not be returned. They spent it.

And meanwhile, Hillary Clinton wants to lecture all of us about the misogyny epidemic in America? How out of touch can Hillary possibly be? Watch this.


HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE: Sexism and misogyny are endemic in our society. And I do try to take readers on a journey with me.

There seems now to be a willingness by more and more women and girls to claim their rights in a very explicit way. Not in an apologetic way. Not like, "Oh, you know, excuse me, let me express my opinion." But no, I have an opinion and I want to tell you what that opinion is.


HANNITY: She is the same woman that took millions and millions of dollars from countries that systematically abuse women and literally kill gays and lesbians and also literally, you know, go after Christians and Jews. She's trying to distract from the deeds long associated with Weinstein. Now she's trying to -- her and her creepy husband. Watch this. Let's remember where we go here.


CLINTON: All I can tell you is I did not hear those things. Look, we just elected a person who admitted sexual assault to the presidency. So, there are a lot of other issues that are swirling around these kinds of behaviors that need to be addressed. And I think it's important that we stay focused and shine a bright spotlight and try to get people to understand how damaging this is and the women coming forward, it's the only way that story will be told.


HANNITY: Excuse me, Hillary, your husband was basically a groper-in-chief, the entire time we were married to him. And in case you forgot, it's a little refresher, from those women that accused your own husband of sexual harassment, assault and even rape, and you sat silently by and assisted in engaging in character assassination, smears and slanders against those women who bravely spoke out.

Take a look.


HANNITY, JUNE 10, 2003: You described a scene where he was biting on your lips and then when it was all over, he was leaving, he said, "You better put some ice on that."

JUANITA BROADDRICK: Yes. And casually put on his sunglasses and walked out the door.

KATHLEEN WILLEY, NOV. 7, 2007: It was a terrible ordeal for me. And I -- no woman should be subjected to it. It was an assault.

HANNITY: He assaulted you?


HANNITY: He touched, grabbed, fondled, and kissed you against your will.


HANNITY: And it is an allegation that is not made by one woman, it's made by multiple women.

WILLEY: Many of us.

PAULA JONES, OCT. 13, 2016: I said, well, I may need to be going or something and the next thing you know he pulled down his pants. His whole -- everything. And he was exposed. And I said, I am not that kind of girl and I need to be getting back to my desk.


HANNITY: And Hillary, you sat silent as your creepy husband went after and abused all of those women and you assisted in the character assassination of all of these women. And we all know by the way, Harvey Weinstein helped finance the defense of your husband's shenanigans. Now Weinstein literally bankrolled Clinton's defense team. Hillary, you had to know. Stop lying. We don't believe that you are a champion of women's rights. We will get back to Hillary in just a minute.

But let's talk about late night host Jimmy Kimmel. Last week, Kimmel lashing out at his critics after they called him out for not shedding a tear, giving another emotional monologue about Harvey Weinstein's victims. And Kimmel said, he was not the, quote, "Moral conscience" of America. Well, this weekend, he doubled down on stupid. Let's watch stupid.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You've heard, there's one conservative commentator in particular who says, who made Jimmy Kimmel the moral arbiter?

JIMMY KIMMEL, HOST, "JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!": I am not. I mean, you know, I agree with them. I am nobody's moral arbiter. I mean, you don't have to watch the show. You don't have to listen to what I say. Like three years ago, I was equally liked by Republicans and Democrats.


And then Republican numbers went way down like 30 percent or whatever. And, you know, as a talk show host, that's not ideal but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So, you don't mind if Republicans turn off your show? They're not watching anymore?

KIMMEL: I don't say I don't mind. I mean, I love for everyone, I want everyone with the television to watch the show. But if they're so turned off by my opinion on health care and gun violence, then, I don't know, I probably would want to have a conversation with them anyway.


KIMMEL: Well, not good riddance, but riddance.



HANNITY: Not good riddance, but riddance. OK, bye-bye. Now, it's clear, Kimmel is going down this same path as Stephen Colbert, wants to be a left wing comedian only.

But Kimmel's attack didn't stop there. During an interview with The New York Times, Kimmel was asked if he thinks his critics are trying to influence what he talks about on his show. This is how Kimmel responded. Quote, "Well, I think some of them are. I think some of them are just trying to get Fox News to hire them as on-air commentators. It's sad. You see people trying to engage me in battle that are just trying to give their careers a boost. I won't be a part of that with the rare exception."

All right, Jimmy. Let's engage over you being a creepy old man trying to get 18-year-old young girls to guess what is in your pants and grabbed what is in your pants with two hands and asked them to kiss it. Jim, you look like a creepy old man. We will show that tape in a second.

Now, meanwhile, this weekend marked the six weeks now of the NFL. And despite Roger Goodell calling for all players to stand, some did not. And reports, according to them, players from four teams did not stand or come out of the tunnel for the national anthem. And the New Orleans Saints did something pretty despicable. According to the local paper, the announcer of the game asked for a moment of silence for a police officer that was killed on Friday. When the players kneeled, the fans didn't react well and they started booing in the stadium. The New Orleans coach said today it was a misunderstanding.

Also over the weekend, Hillary Clinton defended the NFL players who kneeled during the anthem. Watch her.


CLINTON: So, you have to resist what are very clear -- what we called dog whistles to that base. That's what the black athletes kneeling was about. That was not against our anthem or our flag. That was actually kneeling as a reverent position. It was to demonstrate in a peaceful way against racism and injustice in our criminal system.


HANNITY: Now President Trump was asked about Hillary Clinton's remarks and here is what he said.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I hope Hillary runs. Is she going to run? I hope. Hillary, please run again.

When you take a knee -- that's why she lost the election. I mean, honestly, it's that thinking, that is the reason she lost the election. When you go down and take a knee or any other way, you are sitting essentially for our great national anthem. You are disrespecting our flag and you are disrespecting our country.

If Hillary Clinton actually made the statement that in a form sitting down during the playing of our great national anthem is not disrespectful? Then, I fully understand why she did not win.

I think that her statement in itself is very disrespectful to our country.


HANNITY: The president is right. Americans fought, bled and died for this country fighting under that flag and everyone should at least unite and stand for that, for the flag, for the national anthem, in reference of those who did sacrifice for us. And when Hillary Clinton says it's disrespectful to the country, and she is siting, with cop haters. Unfortunately, this controversy is not going away anytime soon. The only thing leaving are the fans and also sponsors.

The man who started all of this, former 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, he filed a grievance against the NFL saying, NFL owners are blacklisting him. And guess what? Kaepernick is taking a page out of the left-wing playbook and he is actually blaming President Trump. You can't make this up.

Now, Kaepernick's attorney Mark Geragos, I've known him for years, smart attorney. He released a statement on behalf of his client. It reads in part, quote, "If the NFL (as well as all professional sports league) is to remain a meritocracy than principled and peaceful political protests -- which the owners themselves made great theater imitating weeks ago -- should not be punished and athlete should not be denied employment based on partisan political provocation by the Executive Branch of our government."

This is beyond ridiculous. By the way, who is Colin Kaepernick to lecture us? Keep in mind. Kaepernick gave money to a charity that defends a cop killer. Kaepernick wore socks depicting cops as pigs. He openly supported a communist, murdering thug dictator Fidel Castro, but somehow at its President Trump's fault that the NFL doesn't want any part of him?

And also, while Kaepernick did have a great career early in his career, people saw his throwing regressing, his skills diminishing. Also reports from some of his teammates that though he was selfish and arrogant. Remember, football is a team sport. But now Kaepernick wants to force all NFL teams or one NFL team to hire him? That's not how this world works.

And I also want to put something into perspective here. While people are now demanding that Colin Kaepernick gets a job, there are real American heroes that are going under reported. Guess what? According to the FBI, new numbers in 2016 alone, 118 law enforcement officers died in the line of duty, protecting all of us. And over 57,000 were assaulted, protecting us. Those are the people that should be honored while the national anthem is being played along with our brave troops.

Joining us now in reaction, he was a member of the Trump transition team, the Reverend Darrell Scott is with us. And also civil rights attorney Daryl Parks.

Reverend Scott, let me start with you and get your general reaction. For all of her life, Hillary Clinton, all of her life has enabled her husband who had severe problems with women, even accused of rape. And she was part of an effort to smear, slander, besmirch. We are going to get lectured by her on this issue? And she's not even giving the money back to the Clinton Foundation?

REV. DARRELL SCOTT, NEW SPIRIT REVIVAL CENTER: Well, you know, Hillary Clinton, she's always trying to embrace victimization. I mean, the only victims she doesn't side with are the victims of her husband's impropriety. But, you know, she refrained from commenting on Harvey Weinstein for so many days. Because she just didn't know what to say. Because she was aware of what he was doing. And then everyone of them, her and the rest of Hollywood out of fear reprisal, until he got fired, they would not reply. Once he was fired, they felt the coast was clear. And they all had the same lame excuse. Oh, I was so shocked that I didn't know what to say. Well, you know, that's garbage.

HANNITY: She enabled their smearing.


HANNITY: Daryl Parks, let me go to you. If a country that tells women how to dress, won't let them drive or won't let them vote, where marital rape is not a crime, domestic abuse is not a crime, women cannot travel or leave the house without man's permission, gays and lesbians are killed as a matter of law in many of these countries and Christians and Jews were persecuted. My question, Daryl Parks, would you take a penny from countries that abuse human rights like that?

DARYL PARKS, CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY: Well, Sean I think we have to --

HANNITY: Answer that. That's a yes or no. Oh, you've got to answer.

PARKS: I don't think it's a "yes" or "no" question.

HANNITY: It is a yes or no. Will you take it or not?


PARKS: -- of what people are doing in this country. I would be very concerned --

HANNITY: Would you take money from the best charity you work for? I know for example, Pastor Scott has a great charity in Cleveland, that I want to support his charity. OK. Would you take money from a country that abuses women, kills gays and lesbians and persecutes Christians and Jews? Do you want that dirty, filthy money? I don't.

PARKS: Yes. I think you've got to --

HANNITY: Do you want it. Would you take it?

PARKS: I think you've got to be very concerned about it. Very concerned about --

HANNITY: But would you take it? That would be a concern. Would you take the millions from those countries they are offering it to you?

PARKS: You probably wouldn't.

HANNITY: You wouldn't.

PARKS: You probably wouldn't.

HANNITY: Hillary did, Pastor Scott. That is the point. Millions. And they bought her silence on the abuse of all of these different groups that she claims she has a monopoly on.

SCOTT: Yes. And you know, Hillary, it was supposed to be her platform. Women's empowerment. So, how can you take money from someone who is oppose to the platform that you profess to stand on? She's a fraud. She's been a fraud. She is always been a fraud.

PARKS: Those are strong words.

SCOTT: Hillary is a fraud. Hillary is a fraud.

HANNITY: Let me play it to you. We have little Jimmy, crazy Uncle Jimmy Kimmel. I want to play this tape. Him doing a show asking girls as young as 18 to use their hands to figure out what is in his pants. And to use their mouths. This is the same guy that feigns, you know, moral superiority and outrage over topics, he didn't have one joke about Weinstein. Let's roll the tape.


JIMMY KIMMEL, HOST: This game show is called "Guess What's In My Pants." Now, I've stuffed something in my pants. You are allowed to feel around on the outside of the pants. You have 10 seconds to then guess what is in my pants. You ready?




KIMMEL: You should use two hands. Two hands --


You're going to make a fine wife. All right.


KIMMEL: Yes. How old are you?


KIMMEL: OK. Are you sure of that?

Because Uncle Jimmy doesn't need to do time. Maybe it would be easier if you put your mouth on it. You've got a nice technique there. You could get in the Olympics with this. Let me tell you.


HANNITY: Is that Uncle Jimmy creepy?

SCOTT: How perverted is that? Who thought of that skit? Those are like the most disgusting, perverted skit that you ever want to see in your life.


PARKS: It certainly should be on television.

HANNITY: What's that?

PARKS: Certainly that is not the type of thing we want to see on television especially when you have young women watching. That's just not the type of television we want to see in our country.

HANNITY: All right. We've got to run here. Pastor Scott, I'm going to be at your church.


HANNITY: I'm going to be in Dallas on Sunday morning, Robert Jeffers' church. And then I will be in your church 6:00 on Sunday night. I hear it's getting a lot of play up in Cleveland.

SCOTT: Oh, yes. It's getting a lot of play. A lot of people are excited. I got a lot of friends coming. It's going to be a great time. God is going to move that night through Sean Hannity.


HANNITY: There are better options for God, I'm telling you. He could do better than little Sean Hannity. Trust me. We'll see you then. I look forward to it. And thank you both. When we come back, we have a big announcement about breaking news coming up tonight.

Plus, just how bad is the Casting Couch problem in Hollywood for people that want to be in movies, on TV, and the music industry and others? Two women who have experienced firsthand how awful it is. Well, they will share their stories with you, next.


HANNITY: And welcome back to HANNITY. And so, my opening monologue, I detailed the Casting Couch culture throughout Hollywood, the music business, the TV business. Now in the case of Harvey Weinstein, we have yet another morning from over ten years ago. Nobody paid attention. Here's what Courtney Love said about Weinstein back in 2005.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you have any advice for young girls in Hollywood?

COURTNEY LOVE, MUSICIAN: I'll get libeled if I say it. If Harvey Weinstein invites you in a private party in the Four Seasons, don't go.


HANNITY: Recording artist Kaya Jones is also calling out the music industry. Kaya used to be a member of the Pussycat Dolls, she tweeted this weekend. "My truth, I wasn't in a girl group, I was in a prostitution ring. Oh, and we happen to sing and be famous while everyone who owned us made the money. We reached out to the founder of the Pussycat Dolls, Robin Antin and she denies what Kaya Jones was saying.

Here with reaction, recording artist, Kaya Jones. Actress, Tracy Melchior is with us. Kaya, how old were you when you first got into music?

KAYA JONES, RECORDING ARTIST: I was 12 when I first got signed.



HANNITY: And how quickly did the predators begin to move in?

JONES: Well, I think that is the thing, they didn't move in right away for me. I didn't receive anything until I was 18 years old and I joined the Pussycat Dolls. So, I think, had I not had a career before that where I knew that there are people with integrity, it wouldn't have probably been alarming but it was super alarming because I had been in the business and never had any advances.

HANNITY: And when you say it's a prostitution ring, those are strong words and people want to understand this.

JONES: Well, you know, when you have a den mother from how that's controlling the girls, manipulating the mind and verbally and mentally abusive, what's the difference between that and attempt in order to control the narrative. That's what was done on a day to day basis by Miss Antin. And furthermore, you know, it was a constant thing of being attacked in the back of cars and innuendos by different executives. She knew and everyone in the group went through it.

HANNITY: In other words, you were attacked by those people that had all the power over you and it was on a regular basis?

JONES: Yes. And I had to decide for myself, my moral compass. I walked away at 21 years old from a massive conglomerate that was launching us into orbit. How bad could it be for a 21-year-old to walk away from her dream?


JONES: I knew I was standing on a limb.

HANNITY: Tracy, I know you spent years and you are on "The Bold and The Beautiful" and many of these successful daytime shows. And you had a horrific time. Why don't you tell us what happened?

TRACY MELCHIOR, AUTHOR, BREAKING THE PERFECT 10: Well, first of all, I want to be clear, none of my experiences were with my producers during soaps. I had lovely producers there. It was prior to that. But the entertainment industry attracts a lot of women who are looking for validation and approval. And in my case, male attention that I did not get home from a father.

And so, you can buy that with wealthy men who are in a position to advance your career and I think one of the things I think that's really important is at that time, I think I had a false idol of fame and fortune. So, I was willing to sacrifice and do whatever it took for that. And it's interesting how people can sense that or something because I was put into so many situations whereas my friends, who maybe weren't as vulnerable, they seemed to, you know, get around it. But for me, it was, I fell into situations that I was vulnerable to, for sure.

HANNITY: And you got raped.

MELCHIOR: I did. Not in Hollywood. That was prior. At 16. And I think that what happens is like, it doesn't just start when you get to Hollywood, I think a lot of it happens before we get there. It's almost like, I was groomed prior to getting to Hollywood, to be the perfect candidate for these producers and directors, which I did end up falling victim to. I hate that word, victim. But --

HANNITY: You know, it seems like this, I will ask both of you this. Tracy, we'll start with you. Young girls, maybe before they are 18, around 18. They have dreams. They want to be the music industry. They want to be on television. They want to be in the movie industry.


HANNITY: How common is this? That basically, they are told it's a quid pro quo. You want a movie role. You want to get in the band. You want a chance, you have to go through us first. Tracy.

MELCHIOR: For me, it was never that blatant.

HANNITY: Was a subtle but obvious though?

MELCHIOR: Well, it was like, you knew who could get you a job. You knew who this director was by name. You knew who this producer was. And if they are inviting you to dinner or to something, you are like oh, my gosh, this is great. Because you're thinking it's regarding your career.

HANNITY: And then you get to dinner and what's happening in most cases at dinner? They reveal their true intentions?

MELCHIOR: Well, honestly, Sean, a lot of these dinners, I was not the only girl there. There were many. It was, you know, a flock. And it was just a selection process. I guess.


MELCHIOR: And I think that it was -- you were actually -- I was, I think it was a compliment that you were chosen and I was just so vulnerable for wanting that validation and approval.

HANNITY: You wrote a great book, by the way. "Breaking the Perfect 10" about the Ten Commandments and getting your life back. And I thought it was great.

MELCHIOR: Thank you.

HANNITY: Kaya, how frequent do they play on the ambitions or the dreams of young people, that you have seen in all the years you've been doing this?

JONES: Yes. Well, there are good people in this business too, Sean. But ultimately, there are a lot of predators in this business. We've heard the stories from Corey Feldman, we've heard the stories from Corey Haim, we've heard, you know, Tom Petty has a song called "Joe," talking about, you know, getting a young girl and a young boy and making money off of them and controlling them. It's a scary thing.

This is what needs to happen is, women need to continue to speak out. Girls in my group, girls in other groups, or in entertainment, period, needs to speak out. Because you can take out the trash at that point.

HANNITY: All right. Last question.

JONES: There are good people too.

HANNITY: Are the people that are creepy well known? Does everybody know?

JONES: Most know. It depends on the company. It depends on the company. Not all companies are bad. There are select companies that have men that push things on young girls. You are impressionable. You are a young woman.

HANNITY: And the political side of it, you know like the Clintons, Hillary Clinton did not say a word about her husband. Now she is lecturing us on all these issues. She takes money from these countries that abused women. Persecute Christians and Jews. And kill gays and lesbians. She will sanctimoniously lecture everyone else and accuse Mitt Romney of misogyny, because he had literally resumes of women he wanted to hire. But she slandered him. Neither one of you deserve that. I am glad you are speaking out. Hopefully this horrible practice stops. We appreciated. Thank you.

JONES: Thank you Sean.

HANNITY: When we come back, President Trump has very sharp words for the NFL players disrespecting our flag and later, a big announcement. Big breaking news coming up this week. Will tell you about it. When we come back.



TRUMP: The NFL should have suspended some of these players for one game. Not fire them, suspended them for one game and if they did it again, it could have been two games in three games and then for the season. We wouldn't have people disrespecting our country right now. The people of our country are very angry at the NFL. You just have to look at their ratings and at their stadiums. You see empty seats where you never saw them before. A lot of people are very angry at it. It's highly disrespectful and they should not do it.


HANNITY: The president was right and that was him, earlier today, slamming NFL players that continue to kneel during our national anthem. Here with reaction, former NFL player in super bowl winner Burgess Owens, also with us the spokesperson for the national association of police athletic activities league as well as the CEO of the Brewer group former NFL player Jack Brewer is with us and also on the legal ide of this we have Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett is with us. Mr. Brewer let me start with you. You are aware that in the NFL, there was a player on the 15th anniversary of 9/11 who wanted to put the date on his cleats. I don't think anyone on TV could see it. 9/11/01, never forget. You know you can't twerk or shoot a fake bow and arrow in the end zone, there plenty of restrictions of free speech and the NFL. You understand that, right?

JACK BREWER, FORMER NFL PLAYER: Of course I do, Sean. Of course. The question in that situation goes a lot deeper than that. We can continue to focus on these things but we all know that the national football league and players aren't trying to disrespect the flag. I am with you. I'd probably stand up with our flag as well, honor our soldiers and military. It goes back to what are the actual solution, we keep having this debate? We are not identified with the solutions are.

HANNITY: I am willing to help out and donate to the right charity, considerate inner-City kids.

BREWER: Sean I know you had. I know, you are a great man for that. I love your approach to that. I'm asking you, we have the ear of the President. Look at the African-American players like myself -- to have these conversations.

HANNITY: We can't unite on the men that fought, bled, and died fighting under that flag.

BREWER: Agreed.

HANNITY: And not respect that. We can't get the square one, Burgess.

BREWER: A vast majority of the NFL players agree.

BURGESS OWENS, FORMER NFL PLAYER: I agree, Jack. We need to find solutions. Our problem, we are having a problem, the organization that has indoctrinated our players with anti-white, anti-flag, anti-American. Everything you see on the sidelines today has gone to our communities. Black entertainment television. Its white people with a black facade, black employees with a message that is anti-American. We have all these kids growing up in this environment, they're going to believe what they want to believe. We are up against a very evil ideology, guys. We understand that. Pulling these guys from behind their corporate board rooms. Explain what they are doing to us.

HANNITY: And a way, did the NFL and sports in general, really help unite us in this country? Isn't there one area that transcends all race? I remember players after games, they get in the circle, even the refs and they say a prayer together. Which I thought was really cool after you saw the best of the best, most talented athletes. They got along. The fans, there was no was no black and white. No black, white, Hispanic. Just great players and fans that loved talented people.

OWENS: You are describing a Christian values that the country has built on in every generation became better and better. We are learning to look each other inside out. Not outside in. It's against our American ways. There are people that love the fact that our young people -- they grew up hating white people in the flag. They grow their power. They sit back and let it happen because they prospered from this process. It's a great conversation.

HANNITY: In that sense, I think we can come up and jack, you might be right on this. And in the end, maybe we will come up with some good solutions otherwise the NFL will be over. People will not go anymore. Colin Kaepernick, Gregg is the guy that supports a charity that supports a cop killer. Cops depicted as pigs on his socks. Supports a murdering thug dictator. He got it started. Now he thinks the league owes him a position. And his lawyer said is it diminished skills or the politics that owners are rejecting?

GREGG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: He cannot win this case because under the collective bargaining agreement, he has to prove a conspiracy among team owners to prevent him from playing. It has to be verbal or written. He has no ability to prove that because he cannot compel witnesses or subpoena documents.

HANNITY: She is trying to get documents from everybody in the league. Do you have a random ability to do that?

JARRETT: No, you do not. The collective bargaining agreement says it's on Kaepernick. Simply showing that he is a qualified player and unsigned is not enough. To prove conspiracy and collusion.

HANNITY: Do you think Jack or Burgess that this is a conspiracy against Colin Kaepernick?

BREWER: I think it is way deeper than that. I don't think you can say it's strictly a conspiracy. I think the business owners -- I call them business owners because that is what they are, they are looking out for their bottom line at the end of the day.

HANNITY: Is there anything wrong with that?

BREWER: This is America. I'm a businessman myself.

HANNITY: Maybe he needs to experience some demonstration because he needs to take a knee to pray to god.

BREWER: At the end of the day, the man should be able to protest if he wants to. I don't agree with it but --

JARRETT: It's your first amendment right to engage in free speech on the work space. They are on the job in uniform on the field. At work. Supreme Court has repeatedly say you have no first amendment protection in the workplace.

OWENS: I have to negotiate what I can say -- it's contract time. In order to get a job, people have to like you. In the employees have to feel that you are a good return on investment. Forget that.

HANNITY: I will donate money, I will do anything I can do. Especially if we can help the murders in Chicago.

BREWER: That means enough. We need to have conversations. Set that meeting.

OWENS: The American way. This is what we do best. Support each other.

HANNITY: And then we can play ball. And honor our troops and our flag. Coming up next, the President is fulfilling his campaign promises. Totally decimating and dismantling Obama's legacy. Sebastian Gorka, Austan Goolsbee are next. Also, big breaking news coming week. Tick tock, straight ahead.



STEVE BANNON, FORMER CHIEF STRATEGIST TO THE WHITE HOUSE: This is not my war. This is our war. You all didn't start it. The establishment started it. But I will tell you one thing, you all are going to finish it. There is a time and season for everything. Now, it is a season of war against the GOP establishment.


HANNITY: Steve Bannon over the weekend saying he is going to war with the GOP establishment. We saw it in Alabama. Today President Trump said Bannon has a lot of points, but he is going to try to work with Mitch McConnell in the interim. The author of the best-selling book "defeating Jihad." The make America great again. Coalition chief strategist, the former deputy assistant to the President, Sebastian Gorka and former Obama economic advisor, close friend of "Hannity," Austan Goolsbee is with us.

Austan, I know you're going to like a little of this but your Party has zero vision and when there's no vision or insight, the people perish. We've already perished under Obama. I want to say this, I am with Steve Bannon in this sense. We cannot lose control of the house and senate. If Mitch McConnell cannot do his job, go, get out. Let's not elect people that aren't bold and are going to fight to get the job done. What they did on health care was a disgrace.

SEBASTIAN GORKA, DEPUTY ASSISTANT TO PRESIDENT TRUMP: Look at the last nine months. What has the GOP establishment done for this President? On November 8th, the people of America chose. They chose a person who is antiestablishment, and had a very clear message on Obamacare, national security, the border, economic security, what has the GOP done? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

HANNITY: There something amazing that is happening. On climate and trade, look what he did last week. On his own on health care, brilliant and is going to help every American. Then you have the benefit of corporations. Buying across state lines.

GORKA: It's funny, after the speech --

HANNITY: By the way, your speech was great.

GORKA: Thank you, they're half a dozen true Trump white people afterwards. And I said to them, who is giving the President advice on Obamacare, and they said you know what? Nobody. He is getting the opposite advice and what is he doing? Like a steam train. He is blasting through.

HANNITY: he is dismantling the entire Obama legacy, almost single- handedly. Now, Austan I've got a question for you. What is the Democratic vision for the country? What did they want to do for the country? Give us the top five items. Go.

AUSTAN GOOLSBEE, PRESIDENT OBAMA'S FORMER CHIEF ECONOMIST AND ECONOMIC PROFESSOR AT CHICAGO'S BOOTH SCHOOLS OF BUSINESS: Look, I think what they want to do and or should want to do -- an argument within the Democratic Party. Number one, restore wage growth to working people.

HANNITY: You mean like Obama did? OK. Two?

GOOLSBEE: Yes, the last three years of Obama --

HANNITY: Only 13 million more on food stamps. 8 million more on poverty. What number to go?

GOOLSBEE: You're quoting numbers from three years ago.

HANNITY: I am quoting numbers for the eight years of Obama. Keep him accountable.

GOOLSBEE: Maintain the expansion of health care.

HANNITY: Oh, grow Obamacare? What's number three?

GORKA: It would be great. It would be great for us.

GOOLSBEE: I'd run from office. My point is with President Obama and with President Bush and with President Clinton, all three of them had major legislative accomplishments in their first year. Donald Trump has none. She is fighting with his own Party.

HANNITY: I actually think it is healthy. I'm going to tell you why. Dr. Gorka, if I think politicians are all governed by fear, I saw a very fearful Mitch McConnell today. I think the reason Corker got out was he knew he was going to get primary. That is why he is now lashing out.

GORKA: The winds of change. They are worried. We rattle their cage and this is the right message to send. The left does what they do and that is fine. We expect the left to do it. But when our side says they have our values get selected him and betrays us and does nothing in Capitol Hill? That is the bigger obstacle.

HANNITY: You know one truth and I will say this top Austan, Austan I will give your party credit. You guys sticks together through thick and thin and there is no one person that waivers. Republicans are not like that. When are the other three big visions? Expanding Obamacare? In the economic disaster?

GOOLSBEE: How can you not dwell on the fact that the Republican governor has now come out and said what Donald Trump is proposing on health care would be catastrophic?

Corporations have had this since 1974 where they could buy, because they had opposite in different cities. They are not subject to state rules or Obamacare rules. They can buy in bulk at lower prices, better plans, across state lines with more competition including cooperatives.

GOOLSBEE: So let's have some bipartisan ideas. Don't just go light everything you can see on fire.

HANNITY: Supporting Democrats -- you just oppose him because they breathe. If he gave every American a million dollars.

GOOLSBEE: Even Republicans are saying --

GORKA: If he walked on water, they would say he can't swim.


HANNITY: But he can't give us the five ideas because (inaudible)


GORKA: I went on Fox business earlier today and I said look at the economy, the last 28 records? The host said we broke the 46th record.

HANNITY: You just lost jobs for the first time in 17 years.

GORKA: Historic records. That is good for everybody. You don't have to have shares. If you've got a retirement plan, you are making money. We've increased by a quarter the wealth of the stock market.

HANNITY: By the way, Austan, you were a part of the foundational team for the Obama economy. How is it that the first President in American history to accumulate more debt than any other President before him combined, A and B never reach one year of his presidency, 3 percent GDP growth and double the debt?

GOOLSBEE: There's one significant break from the Obama legacy that I will admit. In the time that Donald Trump has been in office, job creation has been about 20 percent lower than it was last year.

HANNITY: A million new jobs. Wake up, where you living? Chicago, that is why.

GOOLSBEE: Just look at the numbers, Sean. We are growing at about 1.1 million jobs.

HANNITY: Last point Sebastian.

GORKA: The President, the people on the outside, myself in the make America great coalition, we are dismantling of Obama's disastrous legacy brick by brick, joins us.

HANNITY: I am in. McConnell, get on board or get out of the way. Up next, a big announcement. You're going to want to hear this. Straight a go ahead.


HANNITY: Two years ago I started working on a very special project, life in Hollywood sucks and they won't make movies we want to see that inspire us. We are very proud of the film called "Let There Be Light" it will be in theaters in 11 days on October 27th. A movie the whole family can enjoy. I think this will move you and to find locations, it's on In theaters near you. Take a quick look.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hello, father. That is a little formal, isn't it?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She will be down in a minute.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You do realize that this is a school, I expect her back here by 10:00.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are we clear with that?




HANNITY: A life's journey that I hope will inspire you and your family. for theaters near you, now tomorrow night, this is the announcement, 9:00 Eastern. Circuit news Sara Carter, The Hill's John Solomon, huge breaking news, let me put it this way, if I am Hillary or fake news, I will not be sleeping well tonight. See you back here tomorrow night. Steve Hilton is up next.

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