Exclusive: Wayne Kyle remembers son Chris Kyle

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: That was a clip from "American Sniper," an amazing movie about a Navy SEAL named Chris Kyle. Now, he was the most lethal sniper with the most confirmed kills in our country's history.  Earlier I had the opportunity to sit down with Chris's father Wayne and talk about the movie, more importantly about his son's incredible legacy. 


HANNITY: Wayne, nice to see you. I had the chance to speak with you on the phone. Thank you for being on the program, sir. 

WAYNE KYLE, CHRIS KYLE'S FATHER: Well, thank you, Sean. I appreciate it. 

HANNITY: You know, the first thing I said to you, I saw the movie "American Sniper," I would urge everybody to see it. I knew the story of Chris ahead of time. I send my condolences and my thoughts. How many American soldiers' lives were saved because of your son? It's probably incalculable, right? 

KYLE: I think so. And that was one of the things that really bothered Chris that he wanted to -- he would really like to know how many lives he saved rather than how many lives took. It's an unknowing number. 

HANNITY: You know, it's an amazing -- what I liked about the movie is that it literally brings into a situation, the movie opens up -- and I won't give away the plot in any way -- where your son, and this is a true story, there is a Muslim woman and there a young child. The woman takes something out of her clothing, hands it to the son. And your son who is way far away has to determine whether or not that's a bomb that they're about to use on American soldiers. 

And that was a type of decision, that is what he was asked to do every day. When you had talked about things he did, how did you react as a dad knowing the situation and the moral quandaries and dilemmas that he had to deal with. How would you react to that? 

KYLE: Well, things like that really didn't bother me because I knew Chris was doing a job. And he volunteered. That's one thing about our military today, it's all voluntary. And he volunteered. He wanted to do this. And I knew he was doing something that he loved to do. 


KYLE: And he would put his fellow warriors, you know, ahead of everything else and save their lives and not worry about the lives that he had to take. 

HANNITY: You know, Wayne, I said this to you privately, I'll say publicly. I can't imagine -- your son had more confirmed kills than any other, you know, person in our military in history. He is a true hero. He saved likely thousands and thousands of fellow soldiers' lives. I can't imagine the pain you and your wife have gone through. He is a true inspiration to me, a real life modern day American hero. The movie for me captured that about your son in every way. And I am so sorry for your loss. 

KYLE: Thank you, Sean. And I appreciate that, from both myself, and my wife. And it has been a struggle. It's kind of bittersweet because we're happy and glad that people still are aware of Chris and see the man that he was and still is to us. But yet, it hurts that, you know, there is always that constant reminder, we have reminders in our house, but when you turn the TV on or go out in public, there is always that reminder. And that pain will probably never go away. 

It's not -- I had a gentleman tell me just a few days after Chris was killed, he said, "I'm here to tell you that you never get over it. You learn to live with it." And that is what we're struggling to do right now is just trying to learn to live with it. We have another son and his family that we enjoy being with and take pride in them, as well. 

HANNITY: Wayne, I can see where your son Chris got his strength from. He got it from you and his mom. 

Thank you, sir for being with us. And your son is a real tribute to what courage and heroism is. Thank you for being with us. We really appreciate your time. 

KYLE: Thank you, Sean. I appreciate you. 

HANNITY: Thank you, sir. 


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