US turning blind eye to Islamic terror overseas?

Dozens of children killed in horrific attack on Nigerian school


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So, most people lose when they get tired of winning, it's just too exhausting to stay on top. But when you retire your mantle as world leader, the problem is now, your successor. As winners choose to be losers, losers are energized. Saturday, a Muslim gang set fire to a school in Nigeria. They shot all the children attempting escape, the rest inside burned to death, 43 died, every one a child but one.

You can credit Boko Haram, a Muslim group seeking destruction of Western civilization. They attack schools because knowledge might shed a light on their sick beliefs. And their lighter fluid is their blinder.

As Kevin Williamson of NRO points out, the group's name translates loosely as "Western education is sinful." Ironic that their leader has a graduate degree.

There is irony here in America, too, for the educated among us continue to flunk the most basic lesson taught this generation, that there's a bunch of people who really, really want to destroy our way of life. We can try to reason with them and avoid sensitive words to spare feelings so we can call it workplace violence, but it's at our own risk.

We tell ourselves it's an American trait to appreciate diversity. What if what's diverse is also vehemently un-American. And when they sense an American willing to sacrifice their place at the top, it makes them want that spot even more.


GUTFELD: Bob, you've been following this stuff. This specific group targets schools and kills kids.

BECKEL: They are a bunch of thugs, murders and they go after the Christian schools, they have done this, they burn them down. We don't do that here, if we burned your mosque, you would really be upset.

The fact of the matter is, these guys are murderers, they're terrorists and if this is what the prophet told you to do, then the prophet was wrong. Now, I've (INAUDIBLE) gotten from you all, you don't like what I say about not letting your students come here.

If it were up to me, I would not have another mosque built in this country until we got it worked out who was not a -- and, by the way --


BECKE: -- is any Muslim out there, any Muslim cleric, any Muslim leader say anything about this? No, you're cowardly, because you're afraid they're going to put a fatwa on you, fatwa this.


GUTFELD: Somehow I knew that would rile you.

Andrea, it's really not about -- people always talk about the United States wanting to spread democracy, it's not really about that, we actually just want to stop the spread of this. We're not asking for anything special. We just don't want to be killed.

TANTAROS: But do we want to spread democracy? Because the Muslim Brotherhood was doing -- now, they weren't going after schools, but they were allowing the persecution for Coptic Christians. They were allowing jihadist to enter the country. Mohamed Morsi was pardoning accused terrorists in Egypt.

And what did our administration do? Nothing.

Instead -- Greg, instead of saying what Bob said, which is courageous, this administration says we are not at war with radical Islam over Memorial Day Weekend from President Obama. We're not at war with them, they're a peaceful religious. We have a history of shared tolerance.

Bob, I wish -- I wish this administration would wake up the way that you have woken up.


BECKEL: You and me both, peaceful religion? These guys since they were little kids they were taught how to be terrorists. I mean, I just -- I don't understand it. By the way it was the Muslim Brotherhood that was responsible for burning those Coptic churches in Egypt, they said they only looked the other way.

Well, why don't you have the courage to look at it and stop it?

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: What was the big rush to get the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt them?

GUTFELD: That's a good point.


GUILFOYLE: Leading Mubarak in. Good job.

BECKEL: Yes, you want to leave anyway, leaving that aside. Both George Bush and Barack Obama said we want democracy in Egypt. Well, they got it and look what they got. We have got to learn a lesson here that we can't impose our democracy in other countries because you're not going to like what you get.

BOLLING: How's this? Let them be democratic, let them vote in the Muslim Brotherhood if they want, but let's stop giving them $1.5 billion or $2 billion and send them F-16s, and give them all the tools to fight us when we don't like what happens over there.

BECKEL: It's the military that's siding with us here.

BOLLING: But when the Muslim Brotherhood won, Mohamed Morsi, who represents the Muslim Brotherhood, won in Egypt, that was the moment we should have said, OK, fine, you want Muslim Brotherhood, that's fine, but our foreign aid is cut off, Egypt. Sorry.

BECKEL: You cut off the military and you're going to cut off the last friend you got in that country.

GUTFELD: Something that will get you even angrier. I want to go to Kimberly about the trial for the Fort Hood, which is beginning. So, he's defending himself, but he's paralyzed, so he's going to require 10 to 20 minute breaks for stretching while he drives those people crazy.

BECKEL: How do you stretch when you're paralyzed?

GUTFELD: I don't know. It's a question I don't have any answer for. But I supposed he had to do stretching exercise. But he's defending himself.

Kimberly, this is already a farce before it starts.

GUILFOYLE: Well, he's going to use this trial, OK, for his own purposes to try and preach jihad, he's going to make a mockery of the legal system and it's our own fault. I mean, we are a cowardly to say this is workplace violence instead of jihad right here on our own soil.

And we're treating him, you know, with -- like kids gloves, saying, hey, listen, go ahead, do whatever you want, make these statements, represent yourself, make a mockery of the court system and the legal system in general and I think it's shameful.

BECKEL: Is this a military tribunal?


GUILFOYLE: It's disrespectful, it is disrespectful to the victims and their surviving family members.

GUTFELD: But the jury, they are all officers.


GUTFELD: OK. The weird thing is, his defense strategy is the soldiers presented a threat to the Taliban heads. That's his defense.

BOLLING: That defines a jihadist right there. And there's no reason that shouldn't be a military --

GUILFOYLE: But see? He's saying it himself. By the nature of his defense, he's defining his crime and what he did.

BOLLING: But can you imagine being the victims and the families of the victims having to sit there and be questioned, be questioned by the shooter? That's insanity.

TANTAROS: I think the military's not going to lets this get out of hand, whatsoever. I think he might try and grandstand to make this a case for jihad, but the judge is going to slap it down, because you just mentioned his defense, it will be difficult if not impossible to prove what he did. And I say, let him do it. Let him explain why he did it. Then everyone can see what radical Islam is since we don't educate our country about it since our administration doesn't want to talk about it.

There you have it, folks, he was trying to protect the Taliban.


GUILFOYLE: But it's sad, because now it's going to be shameful for the Obama administration because they deny this, their military --


BOLLING: Hold on. Hold on, hold on.

GUILFOYLE: No military decorations or awards.

BOLLING: It's Eric Holder's decision to classify it as workplace violence instead of an act of jihad, an act of war. Don't forget, that's the same administration that tried to try KSM, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, here in New York.

BECKEL: I don't know why we didn't try him here.


BOLLING: Wait, what?

BECKEL: Why didn't we trying him here?

BOLLING: So, he should been brought here and he should be tried criminally

in New York City, on American soil?



TANTAROS: Do you think he should get $300,000 in benefits that he's been collecting?


TANTAROS: Major Nidal Hasan.

BECKEL: I think Major Nidal Hasan, we ought to give him a long rope and a --

TANTAROS: This is outrageous. Hopefully, he gets the death penalty.

GUTFELD: I hope this trial goes quickly and that his death goes just as fast.

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