Common Sense

Cavuto: Are We Still Independent?

We live in an increasingly dependent society


NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF "YOUR WORLD": So, you want to celebrate Independence Day? Well, how about we all act independent and be a little less dependent? Because you can't be independent in a country when so many are dependent on its government. When half pay no taxes at all, but still get rebates. And the rest pay a lot of taxes, but still get only more debt.

You can't be independent when you depend on foreigners to keep you going and their money to keep you surviving. You can't be independent when you see that but refuse to address that.

Just like you can't honor our forefathers' call to unshackle us from the chains of an oppressive foreign government, when you find yourself imprisoned by spending that is made all the more oppressive by our government.

An independent mind would find that troubling and do something. But we live in an increasingly dependent society hoping our leaders do nothing. Because it is far easier to take from a government than to try and take back our government to what our forefathers intended and not what their successors have corrupted, in both parties.

We owe them not owing so much. Because a nation dependent on programs that don't help and stimulus that doesn't stimulate isn't that far from joining the ash heap of once great empires that don't matter.

Because Thomas Jefferson was only partly right -- a government big enough to give you everything you want isn't only big enough to take away everything you have, but every last shred of independent decency you own.

We could do worse than remember the meaning of this day. Take a look around. We already are.

Happy Independence Day. I hope we make it a real Independence Day.