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DSEI: The amped-up AT4 weapon

Allison Barrie

 (Allison Barrie)

One of the most popular weapons in the world, the shoulder launched AT4 has been amped up even more.

With this new souped-up AT4, users can defeat more types of enemy targets, in more challenging conditions and at further distances. The AT4 is always a favorite and draws crowds at international defense shows like this year’s DSEI in London, England.

The robust and reliable AT4 is lightweight, disposable, and easily shoulder-launched. To provide an even higher hit-probability, this variant has a refined launch system. And its singular warhead design ensures a very high kill probability.

Warfighters need to focus on the threat at hand and shouldn’t have to waste time and though on manipulating a weapon.

The AT4 perfectly fits this need. It is extremely easy to operate and handle, if you are facing a threat, you simply take aim and fire. The target is destroyed and you can discard the empty tube. It is so easy to use that you don’t need to be an expert gunner to operate the weapon with great success.

Building on the modularity of the 84 mm caliber system, the new addition to the AT4 weapons family delivers extended range and improved high explosive effects.

“These enhanced variants deliver extended range (ER) performance and improved high explosive (HE) effects which enable any soldier to defeat more targets with greater flexibility and in many more scenarios,” Görgen Johansson, Saab Head of Business Area Dynamics explained in a press release.

All AT4 weapons, including this latest addition to the family, are single-shot and fully disposable.

Designed to withstand combat conditions, the84 mm caliber disposable weapon weighs just over 15 pounds, and is about three feet long.

Instead of a clip on sight, the AT4m features a red dot sight that is integrated into the weapon.This increases the ease of the weapons since it's the same sight for training and all light conditions in combat.

For each fired weapon, the result is a very high target kill probability.


The AT4 family is a range of lightweight, man-portable, fully disposable weapons.

When warfighters are dismounted from vehicles, they leave the safety of that armored protection. If they come across an enemy-fighting vehicle, then they need some serious firepower to defend themselves. Armed with AT4 Anti-Armor, then they can defeat these threats. It gives troops a high muzzle velocity and high armor penetration.

The AT4 HEAT can penetrate enemy armor more than 420 mm. The AT4 is effective against armored vehicles and structures and has a range from about 130 feet to over 1,300 feet. This weapon is disposable when it has been fired.

If warfighters need to raid a structure, then they may want to make their own entrance. Doors and windows in target structures can often be booby-trapped and dangerous.

The AT4 CS AST is the right choice for this objective. It has zero recoil and is great at close combat range. If the goal is to destroy a structure, then by simply adjusting the setting, this AT4 can take out that stronghold.

The AT4CS ER takes the anti-armor capability of the AT4 Confined Space and extends its effective range to nearly 2000 feet.

The AT4CS HE allows warfighters to engage enemy troops in airburst or impact mode out to a distance of approximately 330 feet.

Last year, the French Ministry of Defence procurement branch, The DGA (Direction Générale de l'Armement) chose Saabs AT4s after intensive competition to serve as the Roquette Nouvelle Generation weapon system for the French armed force.

Used in more than 15 countries, the AT4 family has seen a lot of combat and proven its reliability.

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