7 smart products for your summer cabin



Techies know how to get away from it all. This gear is designed to make an excursion to a summer cabin even more restful (and maybe even productive). There’s a backup generator for your phone or your entire gadget collection. A TV withstands just about any weather.

1. Nest camera ($199)

Security is an issue for cabin dwellers. You’ll end up hitting the water late on a pontoon boat or shopping in town. Keep an eye on the premises with this Nest camera (from the same company that makes a connected home thermostat). You’ll get alerts if the camera detects a loud noise. Best of all, it uses the same app for the smoke alarm and thermostat.

2. Masterbuilt 20072115 Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric Smoker ($400)

A smoker is a smart choice for the cabin. You can cook outside, but this high-tech model also lets you monitor and control the temperature using your smartphone over Bluetooth. There are four racks for a total of 721-square inches of cooking space.

3. Trutankless Water Heater ($1,295)

Many cabins use older water heaters that can leak or crack when you are not there (or over the winter months). The Trutankless heats water as it enters the line. Using an app, you can check water usage and adjust the temperature, even when you are not at the cabin. If there is a leak or failure, the system can notify you or a service tech about the problem.

4. Honeywell Lyric Smart Thermostat ($249)

Another smart investment for a summer cabin: Using a thermostat that connects to a Wi-Fi signal. It means you can lower the heat or AC level from anywhere. Trend data lets you see how much you have saved by connecting remotely and adjusting the temp.

5. Eton FRX5

Make sure you have a weather radio at the cabin to spot storms and other dangers. This Eton model uses a hand-crank as a backup for power. You can enable the alert feature to get a warning if there is severe weather approaching.

6. Briggs & Stratton PowerSmart P3000 ($1,299)

Every summer cabin needs one of these backup generators, which provides power for televisions, a laptop, or even as a phone charger using the USB port. You can use one if the cabin doesn’t have power or during storms. There are 2600 watts of total power.

7. Peerless-AV 55-inch UV2 Television ($6,749)

The best feature on this outdoor television is that you can use it anywhere — say, on the deck or patio — but never even think about weather issues. It operates in extreme cold (down to -24 degrees) or extreme heat (up to 124 degrees) and is totally waterproof.