Have you ever wondered what happens to your tech garbage? Your old laptops, phone chargers, gaming consoles? Despite regulations meant to prevent it, many of them end up in Agbogbloshie -- the world's biggest e-waste dumpsite in Ghana. 

Locals as young as 7 use hammers to smash laptops or burn the other outdated items to get bits of precious metals, and often suffer from the toxic mess. 26-year-old German photographer Kevin McElvaney took a series of photos of the illegal dumping. Tech has a long way to go to fix this problem.

Looking for a lucrative tech internship this summer? Here are the top paying tech internships according to Mashable.com. Palantir Technologies, a computer software company, offers the most money at a very healthy base of $7,012 per month, while Twitter pays its interns $6,791. Insane! My internship in college at a local law firm paid $20 bucks -- and that covered parking.

Finally, if you've ever second-guessed why you didn't go to school for tech, I can confirm you made the wrong career choice. Forbes just announced the world’s richest tech moguls. The usual suspects like Bill Gates are on the list with $76 billion -- Gates made $9 billion just last year. Then comes Larry Ellison from Oracle, who is worth $48 billion. 

It makes your five percent salary increase look minuscule. SIGH.

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