Latest Apple rumor: 4.8-inch iPhone 'Math' in June

Tech rumors are a dime a dozen, and Apple rumors tend to lead the pack. 

But this particular rumor will catch your attention: According to the China Times, translated by BrightWire, the Cupertino giant plans to release a bigger, badder smartphone in June alongside an updated version of the iPhone 5 (the 5S). What sets this rumor apart is the reported name of the device: the iPhone Math.

Since the name breaks Apple's pattern of naming products numerically, there's some confusion about whether this is the device's code name or if the rumor is simply a translation gone awry. We're thinking the latter as of now, since Apple is known to reserve code names for its Mac OS. Regardless, this iPhone reportedly will flaunt a larger 4.8-inch screen and an 8-MP camera.

Plus, another iPhone update is expected during the holiday season, which means the company would be releasing three or more models in a year's span, something the smartphone-maker has not done before. Although Apple has yet to confirm or deny these rumors, several new models in one year could make sense to compete against other smartphone-makers such as Samsung.