What's going on in the Gobi Desert?

Conspiracy theorists are having a field day with the latest set of images to be ripped from Google Maps. This time around, they show a series of giant structures in the Gobi Desert, on the Chinese side of the border with Mongolia

Two different sets appear to show giant grid patterns, one of which theorists claim is a replica of the Washington, D.C., street layout.One shows a spiral pattern (image below). Zoom in on it and you'll see some planes scattered around, inside rings of what look to be military trucks.

The rest are perhaps best left up to your imagination, if only because they are inexplicable: Another giant grid over 18 miles long. Giant metallic squares or holes. Two enormous reflective rectangles.

The UK Telegraph says the sites are scattered around an area 93 miles from the headquarters of China's space program in Jiuquan. It's quickly become known as China's Area 51, mirroring the secret U.S. base where it is claimed UFOs are hoarded.

The book "Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base" exposed some of the reality behind the U.S. base earlier this year. China's strange patterns remain a mystery, however.

Officially, the same areas hosts similar circular arrangement such as the one found in China. They're missile test ranges to record weapon effects, one expert told the Telegraph.

It's enough to make one say, what the heck?

strange stuff in China desert

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