Say Goodbye to Kleptocrats

Well, no matter how large and loud the political dissatisfaction becomes, it appears that many entrenched Washington insiders still can't read the signs.

The mistake that the Democrats in power seem to be making is assuming that the Tea Party is made up of a bunch of well-organized Republicans in some phony grass roots movement that has been dismissed by none other than her royal highness, Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She's called them "Astroturf." Barney Frank blames all of it on talk radio and cable news channels.

The mistake that Republicans have made is thinking that America loves them and just can't wait to put them back in power. The somewhat modest proposals of the GOP in the recently released "Pledge to America" well they were nice, but they lacked the bold initiatives that would have caused Americans to believe they were deadly serious about changing the institutions of power and decentralizing the government at the federal level.

For example, proposing strict term limits on members of the Congress, just like we do on the president; ending congressional pensions and letting the members pay into the same Social Security and 401(k) programs that the rest of us; promising a balanced budget amendment; maybe forbidding members of Congress from lobbying for a three-year period after they leave office, and here's one I like agreeing to a 5 percent annual pay cut every year that the budget isn't balanced would be the kind of serious reforms that would give the public meat instead of milk.

Well Americans aren't mad at just Democrats and aren't in love with Republicans quite yet. But they are angry is at some in both parties have become what I like to call: Kleptocrats.

Yeah, Kleptocrats. You wonder what is that?

A Kleptocrat is an elected official who takes that which doesn't belong to him and either keeps it or gives it to someone that he can win favor with for future votes.

By the way the Kleptocrat doesn't even think his actions are wrong, that's the sad part. A Kleptocrat can readily justify stealing from those who worked and earned and giving to those who didn't by using words like "fairness," "compassion" and "rights." And many Americans are sick of the Kleptocrats and are fighting in this election to keep us from becoming another Kleptocracy like they have in Europe.

Oh the good news and there is plenty of it, is that what I believe to be the God-inspired genius and brilliance of our Founders. America's Constitution, created us to be like a self-cleaning oven: Every now and then, we have to turn up the heat to a really high level and burn off all the junk that has got to be cleaned.

Come November 2, it will be time to open the oven door, clean out the ashes and remind ourselves that we really do live in a great country. And on Election Day, let's say goodbye to the Kleptocrats.

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Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee was a 2016 Republican candidate for president of the United States.