In Praise of McDonald's

Today, a big heap of praise and admiration for McDonald's.

When Center for Science in Public Interest (CSPI) threatened to sue over toys in Happy Meals, saying that the toys encouraged kids to eat the Happy Meals and contributed to obesity, McDonald's released a statement saying the toys were there to stay and in turn demanded an apology.

I think CSPI people are a few fries short of a Happy Meal themselves.

Blaming the packaging of a toy for overeating and under-exercising of kids makes silly what ought to be a serious issue: Obesity is a serious problem that has stunning health consequences and staggering economic consequences. But it hasn't been caused by toys and won't be resolved by getting rid of toys.

When a person is overfed and then under-exercised so that more calories are consumed than used, there will be weight gain. A 3-year-old probably isn't counting calories, but parents can. The 3-year-old probably isn't measuring activity levels and aerobic activity, but parents should.

Unless you take your kids to McDonald's and drop them off to be parented, it's stupid to blame McDonald's because they put a toy in a Happy Meal. When I was a kid, there was a prize in the Cracker Jack box, but I really can't blame my own weight challenges throughout my life to overdosing on Cracker Jack because I was digging for the prize. A person would have to be addicted to crack, not Cracker Jack, to blame the toys in the box for eating too much stuff in the box.

What makes my Happy Meal happy is that as a corporation, McDonald's didn't cave to the pin-headed pressure to political correctness, but pushed back to the loons on the left who seem to forget that Americans not only have personal freedom, but personal responsibility.

A message for the Center for Science in the Public Interest: Get out of the courtroom and encourage kids to spend more time on the basketball court and less time in the food court.

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