The Statute of Limitations for Blame

Is it me, or is George Bush the gift that keeps giving? Now he's the reason for this big old Gulf oil spill.

Today, Massachusetts Democratic Congressman Ed Markey saying: "For years, the Bush administration's oil strategy placed the granting of drilling leases ahead of safety review."

Ipso-facto — Bush to blame for the big leak-o.

Just like he's apparently behind that big thousand-point swing-o.

Just like he's to blame for the unemployment rate that's higher than when he left office, and the deficits that are much higher than any year he was in office.

All problems, all Bush, all the time — probably until the end of time.

Long out of office, still the excuse-du-jour for Democrats in office — as if they didn't exist. As if there was no Senate or House. No Barney Frank saying there was no housing bubble when there was, or Nancy Pelosi saying Social Security was sound when it wasn't.

No, all George Bush's fault.

I've heard him ripped for everything from making our kids fat, to our allies furious. Everyone still furious at him for destroying us, all the while forgetting how he might have had a tiny role in protecting us.

But those in power now seem to be admitting they were all powerless then — pretty much useless then. Mere marionettes then, whose strings were apparently pulled by a guy they're calling an idiot now.

Think about that now, and ask yourself this: When does the statute of limitations run out on blaming someone? When you start looking at good numbers, or start looking in a good mirror?

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