America Heading Toward the Wrong Tracks

I want to talk to you about Goldman Sachs, the Supreme Court justice nominee and freedom of speech. And I want to start with what the founder of the Daily Kos said:


MARKOS MOULITSAS, DAILY KOS: I mean, this is what the people voted for. And it's one thing to oppose it on policy. It's another thing to use the kind of exterminationist, eliminationist rhetoric that they are using in appealing to violence and that sort of thing.


Extermination talk? I haven't heard any of that. Why would he say that? How could he paint the right like Nazis?

When he says that people on the right don't mind Bush because he's "their guy," he's right, if you are part of the progressive movement. And he makes my point on the railroad tracks, let me show this to you again.

In Europe, it's been kings and rulers, fascists and communists are the left and right of the European train. Those are not the rails of America. In 1791, we diverged from those tracks.

But I forgot something: the ties. What ties those two rails together? Socialism.

How do you build a railroad track? You have to put down the ties first. Once you get the ties down then you lay the rails. Laying the rails is the easy part. You have to get the foundation right first. And that's why it's taken us a hundred years, because our railroad ties were different a hundred years ago. And we have purposely neglected them, been told to neglect them, been told to dismiss them so they would fall in disrepair.

What is the engine that runs on this track? The free market — that's where progress comes from.

It wasn't a government that invented the light bulb. It wasn't the government that came up with the assembly line. It wasn't the government that came up with the potbelly stove. It's the free market. Actually, no: It's people tied together on these principles — these railroad ties — using the Constitution and equal justice, holding it together on the right road that allows that engine to push forward create whatever it is you want to create.

So you can build the light bulb, the automobile or if you are on the communist side? Gulags. If you are on the Nazi side? Death camps. This engine will take you anywhere. It's what you are tied to.

What happened to the free market? People will say the free market is evil, the free market is bad. No, the free market just is. If it's running on railroad ties that have been disassembled and are in disrepair. And so the rails are crooked and they are not running right and they've brought this train back down to the European railroad ties and rails, which is socialism.

That's the tie: socialism. On the right in Europe, it's Nazism and fascism. In Europe on the left rail, it's communism. And what ties them together and allows both of them to run? Big government socialized structure.

What are the ties in America? Faith, hope, charity, self-reliance, personal responsibility, accountability, honesty, integrity. They are the values and principles. Those are the ties. And they have been disintegrating. We haven't been updating them. We haven't been refreshing them. We haven't been shoring them up. We've been taking them apart.

And what are the rails?

The first rail is the Constitution and the second rail is equal justice under the law. Washington said we're a nation of laws, not of men. Meaning Timothy Geithner, pay your damn taxes; I have to. Meaning, you know and I know that if I did what Goldman Sachs did or any of these other weasels that are not being pointed out, I wouldn't be getting bailed out. I'd go to jail; so would you. Equal justice.

It's what Martin Luther King fought for and has been perverted. He didn't say I want more justice. He said I want equal justice. Martin Luther King said, I have a dream. Where white children and black children can play together, can be together. That you will judge a man of the content of character, not the color of his skin.

We're now talking about appointing a Supreme Court justice on diversity. Diversity? We should have uniformity: character! Do they have character? Character is a railroad tie and we were told a decade ago that character doesn't matter. Yes, it does.

Character doesn't matter in the European style of system. If you have socialism, character doesn't matter. Position matters. Power matters. Character doesn't matter.

We cannot fix the free market system, because it's not broken. The railroad ties are. This is why faith, hope and charity are the answer. You've got to fix you.

Coming up I'm going to show you the IMF and how there's a push for a global tax. The answer isn't more government — it lies closest to you. You make the difference in your own life. Commit yourself today. I will be honest in all of my business dealings. I will be honest in everything I do. No matter what that truth is, I will seek the truth. Knowing that is a never ending journey.

I read a great quote last night: "Trust people who are seeking the truth. Question people who say they've found it."

Our understanding of the truth is ever expanding. The truth never changes, but our understanding does, because the truth is so gigantic, you can't get your arms around it. You'll spend the rest of eternity trying to get your arms around the ultimate truth. You are going to spend your whole life trying to find out and figure out the truth of who you are and the power that you have as the individual. I can tell you that there are certain things that I believe. I can tell you that I think we're on the truth. I don't know what the truth is, but we're pursuing it.

Thank God for our Founding Fathers, because it's my right to pursue it because it makes me happy to pursue the truth. And that pursuit is going to cause tension. Because many Americans want to continue to live the lie that you can have everything, that character doesn't matter, that you can rack up debt and it doesn't matter. Getting them out of that lie is going to be uncomfortable. But tension — struggle — is good. Violence is bad.

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