The Constitution and Obamacare

At Andrew Breitbart's Big Government site, there's an aggressive interview of Illinois Democrat Congressman Phil Hare, who admits that when it comes to health care "reform," he doesn't "worry about the Constitution."

Check it out, check it outers.

That man should not go on "Jeopardy."

Anyway, at least the congressman is being honest, because not only does he not care about the Constitution, neither does anyone else! And that's a testament to the power of entitlement.

If you say to an average person: "What would you rather have: Free health care or an un-trampled Constitution," people are going to pick free health care because people like free stuff. They also like rainbows, puppies and therapeutic massage and, one day, we will all have a right to those too — I hope. Which is why we had the Constitution to begin with: To protect us from ourselves.

Fact is: No one should be forced to buy something that other people want — unless it's Christmas or my birthday.

But our leaders have made it clear that when it comes to universal health care, we don't need protection: Paying for it won't get in the way of wanting it.

I give him credit for saying what no one else on his side is saying: This entitlement means more to us than the principles on which our country was founded. After that, everything is open game. Free Internet as a right? Sure! Why not casual nudity? Bravo! Why not surf the Web, nude in a public park? Why isn't that a right? Frankly, I'm tired of the fines.

And if you disagree with me, you're probably a racist homophobe who eats kittens.

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