Glenn Beck: Expanding Obama's Coalition

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GLENN BECK, HOST: There is a proposal that is getting very little attention. It's not time yet, it's kind of softening the earth. It's called the Democracy Restoration Act of 2009 — wow, it sounds patriotic, doesn't it?

So, what's the act?

It's a proposal to restore voting rights of up to 4 million released felons.

Now, here's the opening salvo from Sunday's New York Times editorial:

"Millions of ex-offenders who have released from prison are denied the right to vote. That undercuts efforts to reintegrate former prisoners into mainstream society and it goes against one of democracy's most fundamental principles that the government should rule with the consent of the governed."

I can't believe they did this on the day they voted for health care.

It goes against the fundamental principles of democracy? Maybe. What about the republic?

With your rights come responsibilities. You must abide by certain rules and laws and when you break 'em, you lose certain rights.

Now, let me ask The New York Times: You are saying that we should restore — because you've paid your dues, you're going to restore the rights. All of them? Are you going to restore their right to the Second Amendment or is it only the voting rights?

That's disenfranchisement, isn't it?

You see, when the progressives are involved and votes are at stake — oh. And who do you suppose would be the beneficiary of the vast majority of ex-con votes: Democrats or Republicans?

Currently, about 4 million Americans have been released from prison and they have been "disenfranchised" in federal elections by laws barring people with felony convictions from voting.

Wow, disenfranchise — there's that word that keeps popping up. So, now, we have a new class of victims.

Let's look at the coalition that Barack Obama and his allies are working to put together and I want you to think about this carefully because this is what changes everything. This is — they always talk about Hugo Chavez as a democratically-elected president. You'll always hear Sean Penn say that.

Let's look at this coalition here: We have convicted felons they want to restore that, that's 5 million votes.

We have the ultra-radical left. You know they've got them — in fact, they just signed in that abortion waiver, that ain't going to — that executive order that's not going to stand. That's not going to stand. And don't fight for it, because if you do and it stands, then the president can overturn law with the stroke of a pen. That's a dictatorship.

So, they have convicted felons, the ultra-radical left, then you also have people that are now enslaved by government assistance and you have government employees. I count those people as enslaved to government assistance — also, the employees of the federal government.

Then they also have now nearly all African-Americans. Barack Obama won 95 percent of the vote in the last election. It won't be that high now. But African-Americans are lockstep.

They now have also lock-stepped the unions.

Who else are they going after? If you have this, who else do you need? The pot at the end of the rainbow, just full of gold: Making voting citizens out of nearly 11 million to 25 million illegal aliens already in the country — we don't really know how many people are here.

Last election, Obama received 67 percent of the Hispanic vote. Now, can you imagine if the Democrats could successfully lock up another voting bloc of — let's say the low end — 11 million people?

This is not lost on the Obama administration and John Podesta for the Center for American Progress. They published this massive book — but George Soros has a lot of money: "Change for America." It's a progressive blueprint for the 44th president. In it, they detail all of the details of the demographics and how to exploit them.

Podesta writes that: "Although the ideas are expressed here reflect a progressive viewpoint, I had hoped that the recommendations would be useful and instructive regardless of who was elected to be our 44th president."

To be fair, we all know that these statistics on our changing demographics weren't lost on George Bush. No one was friendly to the cause of illegal aliens, than George W. Bush. I mean, we all know that.

Was the Hispanic voting bloc the reason that he didn't secure the border? Probably. But the guy couldn't articulate it at all. People said, well, wait a minute, I don't care about politics, I thought we talked about values and principles and keeping us safe.

What I do know is that the moral views of minorities, whether black or Hispanic, the values of conservatives are far more in line with conservatives than of liberals.

Like the overall population, African-Americans are more likely to describe their political ideology as conservative than liberal. Look at that: 61 percent of African-Americans feel that there have been too few expressions of faith by political leaders. Nearly 2/3 of African-Americans — 64 percent — say they oppose gay marriage.

How is it that 95 percent of all blacks voted for Barack Obama?

How is it that 67 percent of Hispanics voted for Democrats? For that matter, liberals and progressives continually try to sabotage our relationship with the Israelis. How is it that 78 percent of the Jewish vote went to Barack Obama?

How did that happen? I'll tell you next and why it is important to understand it.


BECK: Tonight, we are showing the progressives are putting together a voting coalition that will virtually make Republicans in national office extinct — or anybody extinct that is not a progressive.

As we talked about before the break: Why do the Democrats have the minority vote when the values of African-Americans and Hispanics are more in line with those of the conservatives? Why?

Because the Democrats are very good at articulating things. They're very good. They're very good. They've played it this way. They've made a case for these voters on feelings using Saul Alinsky tactics. They have marginalized conservatives by positioning them as racist haters. They are doing it now.

Why did you think it is all about race? And along the way, it has been forgotten in our country that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. It has been forgotten that progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson was one of the biggest racists I have ever seen. Read about this guy.

The progressives — I mean, Margaret Sanger was trying to wipe out the African-American. That's your Planned Parenthood for you. This guy — he reinstituted segregation. Listen to what I said: Reinstituted segregation in the military. Did you know that? We didn't have segregation until a progressive got into the office.

Things like Senate Democrats, like former Klansman Robert Byrd who organized a record filibuster against the Civil Rights Act in 1964. That was a Democrat — he's still in office.

It was Republican minority leader, Everett Dirksen, who fought hard for the passage. I've never even seen a picture of this guy, have you?

There is no way African-Americans should be married to the Democratic Party or Hispanics for that matter. I personally don't think we should be married to any party. Let's just judge them on what is happening today. What are you doing today?

But unfortunately, I think this is what is going to happen to our country's estimated 11 million illegal immigrants and then it is lights out, gang.

They going to continue to use their community organizing groups to further embed themselves and ingratiate themselves with these new groups that I personally think they have forced into hiding.

It is modern day slavery what we have going on in our country with illegals living in the shadows and working for these corporations and being excused by our federal government. It is modern day slavery.

Now, you have groups like ACORN doing the bidding of the Obama administration and the Democratic Party knocking on the doors. Don't fall for the silly ruse that ACORN, by the way, is out of business. I can't take it anymore. The press reporting that they are going out of business. They're bankrupt.

Really? Are they? Gee, who would have seen that coming besides this program about a year ago? And I said they are going to be driving away from those buildings and you've got to watch where the car is going. ACORN is just an empty shell. Well, listen to how Bertha Lewis, the head of New York's ACORN, listen to how she described what's happening with ACORN on NPR this week:


BERTHA LEWIS, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF NEW YORK'S ACORN: We are transforming, of course. I've been transforming this organization since June of 2008. And yes, we've had our financial woes. And yes, we are fighting an unconstitutional ban on any government funding. And again, it is unconstitutional, but we're transforming.


BECK: It is a fundamental transformation of ACORN. It doesn't get any clearer than that. It is a shell game. Everything that we have in this country now is a shell game.

Oh, you don't want to call it — don't call it a stimulus bill, call it a jobs bill. But nothing changes. So we know that we have rampant corruption in our government.

The question is: What are you going to do about it?

You can't think your civic duty begins and ends at the voting booth anymore because things are about to change. You must understand the issues of the day and be able to verbally joust with solid arguments.

I'm going to give Arianna Huffington and her Media Matters group to, you know — rush to their keyboards and write down exactly what I'm saying. They will get it wrong.

You can't think this way. You've got to get it right. You've got to get it right. And don't be worried about calling it racist or whatever. You know the truth.

In 1986, Ronald Reagan tried to solve the growing illegal problem by granting amnesty to more than 2 million people. He had a promise from Congress that they were also going to enforce the law. One side got done.

Back in 2004, when the GOP and President Bush essentially said, "Keep the borders open. Let's give them amnesty," you knew something was wrong. It about tore our country apart.

I couldn't figure out what was wrong at the time — big business, politics, what is it? I still don't really know for sure. Maybe it was just bad communication.

Let me make it clear: I have always been an advocate of legal immigration and stopping illegal immigration because I believe it's immoral.

But I have no problem with immigrants. In fact, I like immigrants much more than I like most Americans quite frankly, because they respect our country. They understand our country. They're still excited about our country.

These people — I mean, I would go with boatloads to Ellis Island and come on in. We need an Ellis Island. But you come through the front door. Bring us your energy, your enthusiasm, your ideas, the richness of your culture, as long as you're excited about ours, as long as you're like, "I can't believe I'm here in America."

That's what we've always been about. Those people changed us for the better. But if there are millions of people coming here whose loyalties lie elsewhere, whose ideology is more in line with the Marxist country that they just left, the progressives will be happy to welcome them into the fold and make them part of the fundamental transformation that they are trying to bring about.

Why would you not want to teach people English? I have a hard-enough time following these radicals in the White House. I have a hard-enough time following the progressives and the way they are always changing language and I speak English.

How easy is it to dupe people, if you show them just a picture of people like me or the people at the, you know — at the Tea Parties and say, "They are all racists."

This is not about race. I don't even think it is about politics. The people in Washington are going to make it about politics.

Here it is about doing the right thing. Encouraging immigrants to come through the front door. It is about helping them understand what this country is all about. Learn the language. Let's — for the love of Pete — let's help them learn the language. Let's help them learn the history. Let's help them understand what the Statue of Liberty really represents. Let's show them George Washington. Why is he so important to us? It's about an understanding of the greatest generation in World War II.

To know this country is to love this country. People from all over the world come here for freedom and opportunity. And if we don't have immigrants who love this country, we're going to run out of people who love this country because our schools and everybody else up at the top are teaching us to hate this country.

We need people who understand us and who have seen our glory from the distance and from their own corrupt government. Why did you think so many people from South America and from Mexico are coming across the border? Because much of their government is Marxist and corrupt.

Gee, look where our government is going.

Our government cannot resemble those governments in South America and Mexico. We must remain different. And these people coming through the front door will help us do that.

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