Pathway to Single-Payer System

It is a big, big weekend.

The health care vote is happening on Sunday and the process (that President Obama doesn't care about) has been so abused that the average person in America has no idea what is even happening.

The Sunday vote would make changes to the Senate-passed bill while deeming the original legislation to have passed the House. Yes, forget the whole "it has to pass both the House and the Senate" thing in the Constitution. No, no — we'll just "deem" that it passed the House.

Congress doesn't seem to mind the fact that Gallup shows their approval rating is the lowest ever: 16 percent. They don't care that 73 percent of America doesn't want this bill. So why are they pushing? Because radicals want this. It's just a pathway to a single-payer system.

Jon Stewart did a segment making fun of me — that I'm crazy, that I'm wrong. It was very funny, but help me out, Jon: Where am I wrong?

Nancy Pelosi said: "We won that fight, and once we kick through this door, there'll be more legislation to follow."

Tom Harkin said:


SEN. TOM HARKIN, D-IOWA: As I said before, this bill is not complete. I've used the analogy of a starter home in which we can add additions and enhancements as we go into the future. But like every right that we've ever passed the American people, we revisit it later on to enhance and build on those rights and we will do that here surely.


Now listen to what Joe Biden said about insurance companies:


VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: Some of them I say they say, well, Joe, look, man, I mean, you know, you guys haven't messaged this very well. And, you know, this thing has gone on so long, I don't know. And my response is: Hey, man, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I'm telling you: You know, pre-existing, they're going to be covered. You know we're going to control the insurance companies.


So, not only were we right and the Tea Partiers were right, they said this was their plan the whole time:


CENTER FOR AMERICAN PROGRESS: Because of some of the, you know, rules about reconciliation, that you actually have to include the student aid bill with the health care bill. This was the plan all along. When the budget came out for 2010, instructions were given for reconciliation for both health care and for student loans.


We were right — they were clearly lying and they were clearly trying to cloud the facts:


SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF.: We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.


Who's been creating the fog?

What about when the president said this to Bret Baier:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Now, you keep on repeating the notion that it's one-sixth of the economy. Yes, it's one-sixth of the economy, but we're not transforming one-sixth of the economy all in one fell swoop.


It will be transformed slowly. How do I know this? Compare this week's statement with what he said in 2007:


THEN-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE BARACK OBAMA: It is my belief that not just politically but also economically, it's better for us to start getting a system in place — a universal health care system — signed into law by the end of my first term as president and build off that system to further — to make it more rational — by the way, Canada did not start off immediately with a single-payer system. They had a similar transition step.

Transitioning a system is a very difficult and costly and lengthy enterprise. It's not like you could turn on a switch and you go from one system to another.


Thanks, but no thanks. We know what's coming.

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