Environmentalism: A Shield for Jackasses

Many moons ago I wrote about how environmentalists use their so-called ethical beliefs to justify asinine behavior. Examples abound: A socialite rails against plastic bags, as she boards her private jet to eat bat testicles with a shaman; a scabby rock star condemns us for not helping the poor, as he passes Chlamydia around like a snack tray.

Well, now research has backed it up: Environmentalism is just a shield for jackasses to act more jackass-y.

In a new study, students were asked to buy eco-friendly products or their conventional counterparts. For the green buyers, their behavior got worse. They cheated on games, lied to researchers and in an honor system designed to pay everyone — the greenies stole six times more than everyone else.

Also, they skinned and ate 13 cats.

But you don't need a study to tell you this; just look around. Right now as man-made global warming science falls apart like a house made of poop, you're seeing the real character behind those Earth-loving warriors emerge: They're petty, lying creeps.

See nut-bag Paul Ehrlich. Back in 1968, this bozo predicted that hundreds of millions would starve to death and suggested placing sterilizing agents in the water. He predicted food riots and other stuff that never happened. And, yet despite never being right, the charlatan is back. In the thick of the Climate-Gate e-mails, he urged his global warming "colleagues" to go after the skeptics, instead of improving the science.

No surprise. What drives green activism isn't saving the planet, it's envy of those who succeed. Ehrlich and these "colleagues" see environmentalism as the only game they can win — where counterfeit catastrophes create careers and you, the individual, are always to blame.

Think about that the next time some idiot asks you about your light bulbs.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobe who doesn't recycle.

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